Competitive Strategy in Interior Design

13 january 2023 year

In any commercial activity, the best advertising will be projects that have been successfully implemented. But there are other factors to ensure competitive positions. Modern communications capabilities, which are constantly growing, make it easy to find a designer for your project in any corner of the planet, which significantly reduces the chance of little-known brands realizing their creative potential.

Therefore, if there is no clear business plan, after the completion of one project, you have to spend a lot of time to find a new client. In this regard, you need to competently promote your products and services so that they stand out from other companies. For this, an effective strategy is needed.

Interior design as a business

The interior of any room is a space that should be beautiful, comfortable and functional. On your own, without having certain knowledge and skills, creative abilities, it is extremely difficult to ensure the achievement of these moments.

The physical boundaries of the premises and functional areas will depend on the type of load-bearing structures, partitions, window and door openings. When planning even small changes in width, length, height, the design features and architectural style of the building, building codes and rules must be taken into account.

Conventionally, all types of premises are residential or commercial type. The design project in each case has fundamental differences. So, when developing the interior design of a living room, the basis is the interests of the owners of a private house or apartment, in commercial premises - business tasks. Ergonomics and functionality of each room are important in living quarters. If this is a commercial space, ergonomics is equally important, but you also need to take into account the specific equipment that ensures the operation of a particular type of business, and the interior itself must attract the attention of customers.

All these tasks should be solved by the interior designer. His tasks include achieving an aesthetic picture, arranging any space so that it meets the physical and psychological requirements that the customer puts forward. And to make design services a business, you need to establish yourself on the positive side, which is achieved by the successful development of design projects and their implementation. This will allow you to stand out from the background of other companies offering design services and ensure a constant flow of orders.

A company is competitive if it satisfies the needs of the population with its services or works, operates effectively, can adapt to changing market conditions, and develops by developing and implementing its own strategy.

Competitive Strategy in Interior Design

How to build a business strategy, what analysis should be done?

Working without a clear strategy in the field of interior design often leads to the fact that after a few years the business owner realizes that he was not able to develop his activity. To prevent this from happening, you need to correctly think about how to work further. To do this, you need to know what factors you need to analyze in order to form a strategy for your business.

Analysis of internal and external competitors

You need to study the market to understand what services are offered by other firms and at what price. It is equally important to analyze the sales offers of each competing company. You should also pay attention to other companies that provide similar services. These can be real estate companies, as well as services that offer standard apartments with ready-made interior design projects. For analysis, you also need to study how popular and in demand such services are.

Service consumer analysis

In the course of the analysis, it is necessary to determine the behavior of customers of interior design services. It is important to understand which channels are used by clients in order to find a company or specialist to implement a residential or commercial interior project that will meet all the requirements set. Do customers use websites or social networks? Is it important for service customers to fill out a portfolio and testimonials from other clients who have already used these services.

Be sure to evaluate the factors that are crucial when the customer chooses from two or more performers.

Next, you need to decide which category of customers to offer your services, as well as in which direction to develop your activities: focus on the category of customers who use the services at the moment, the potential audience should expand or reorientation to another category of customers is required.

Analysis of the services provided

In the course of the analysis, it is necessary to establish which interior design services are in the highest demand. This may be the complete development and implementation of the project, or only the preparation of documentation that will be implemented by the builders. Some clients choose the design of a separate room, while others choose the development of a complete turnkey project for a country house.

Analysis of tools to achieve the goal

It is necessary to analyze the methods and tools that will allow you to develop your business, provide a competitive position in the market for these services. If you do not have a wide portfolio with completed projects and a client base, you will have to work hard in the early years. To get the first projects, you need to correctly use marketing tools:

  • support of all stages of the implementation of the interior design project;
  • establishing communications with customers;
  • adequate formation of the cost of work;
  • legally correct drafting of contracts;
  • development of a competent marketing strategy for business development;
  • organization of prompt solution of assigned tasks;
  • responsible approach to work without violating deadlines.

Marketing for interior designers is extremely important, especially in the initial stages of work.

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

Honestly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your work. Is there a unique selling proposition that can compete with other designers. What advantages can you use to attract potential customers.

To increase the number of customers, it is necessary to analyze the channels used, if there are not enough of them, work to maximize their number.

It is also necessary to abandon inefficient methods and tools, which will significantly reduce unreasonable costs.

Competitive Strategy in Interior Design

How to be an interior designer competitive?

The popularity and relevance of an interior designer, which determines the number of orders and the profitability of the business, depends on his personal qualities, experience, coherence of the work of the studio team. Of particular importance is also the business plan of the design studio.

A good designer should have the following personal and professional qualities:

  • creativity, creativity; good development of artistic and aesthetic taste;
  • creativity;
  • knowledge and forecasting of trends;
  • knowledge and ability to use various visualization software products;
  • ability to draw and create drawings, spatial thinking;
  • sense of harmony, ability to think abstractly, create associations;
  • correct perception of colors;
  • high level of organization, ability to plan one's work;
  • ability to design and construct.

An interior designer must know building codes and regulations, have skills in 3D modeling and visualization of building structural elements.

To start a career in this business, you need to have a specialized education, as well as constantly improve your knowledge and skills by reading books, attending conferences, looking at the work of other designers.

The development of an interior design project is a painstaking work of a specialist, which includes the creation of colorful drawings, the implementation of complex calculations and schemes, as well as the planning of various tasks. The professional activity of an interior designer, which takes into account and exceeds all the requirements of customers, will ensure the growth of popularity, accordingly, the business will develop, it will be able to compete with other companies or private designers providing similar services.

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