A new collection of 3D models from Maxtree - Plant Models Vol 72

02 january 2021 year

Plant Models Vol 72 is a collection of high quality 3D tropical plant models for architectural visualization. Includes 12 types and each type with 6 different models of variations.

A few main features below:

1. Support for the Forest Pack Pro library. All models are ready for the Forest Pack Pro library.

2.GrowFX source files. With GrowFX source files, you can easily create new plant shapes by setting new "seeds". Or change the shape as you need. Easily create wind and bring plants to life (we didn't add wind for this volume, customers need to add it themselves).

React or cut with the objects in the scene, you can create a shape that just suits your meaning.

For more features, please visit https://exlevel.com/features/

3.Other. Includes textures from Texturehaven and HDrihaven, used with permission.

Link to new collection maxtree.org/products/plant-models-vol-72

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