"Ars Machina" featuring a 3D Artist from Ukraine

09 september 2020 year

Ars Machina исследует мир компьютерной графики

One of Ukraine's top architectural 3D visualizers, Viktor Serdobintsev, participated in the exhibition "Ars Machina," which took place in the American city of Apland on August 21, 2020.

Ars Machina featuring a 3D Artist from Ukraine

As visitors entered the hall, the artist stood on the stage and painted a phoenix before their eyes. The artist wore a VR headset on their head, and the brush they used was actually remote control devices. The phoenix they painted was not made of oil or watercolors but of a dazzling three-dimensional vector that emitted light.

This artistic flash mob, along with numerous impressive works by 3D artists from around the world, including five 3D visualizations by Ukrainian CG artist Viktor Serdobintsev, were part of "Ars Machina." It was a new exhibition at the Metcalf Gallery (Art Gallery in Apland, Indiana, USA). It was a joint show where a wide range of computer graphics was displayed in both printed publications and various screens throughout the Metcalf Gallery. The opening took place on Friday, August 21, 2020. A total of 57 engravings from 22 artists from 15 countries and 5 states of the USA were exhibited.

Ars Machina

The exhibition had long been a dream of Jamie Miles, a professor in the Art Department. Miles and Metcalf Gallery Director Jeremy Riggelman were able to bring the project to life just now. They began searching for artists and initially planned to select only five or six, but in the end, they discovered 22 talented artists.

«Everything was organized virtually,« said Miles. «We received all these files digitally from very talented and generous artists who were literally located in places like Bangalore, India, Spain, Warsaw, Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic—everywhere.«

«As a result, we obtained this magnificent and powerful show from people all over the world,« said Miles. «Professor Riggelman noticed how wonderful it is to conduct a global art exhibition during a global pandemic.«

Ars Machina featuring a 3D Artist from Ukraine

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