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07 october 2020 year

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme of the freelancing workplace has become more relevant than ever. Many people were forced to start working at home and equip their work area to their liking, but for someone who already worked at home, the situation has not changed. But in any case, the quality of your workplace is very important for productive and efficient work. Therefore, together with 3DExport, we came up with the My Workplace contest. We want everyone to share their ideas, inspire fellow freelancers to improve their workplace, or at least clean up their desk for the sake of one photo for our contest.

Conditions of the competition:

1. Send us 1 photo of your workplace using the form.

2. Post the same photo on your Instagram page with @3dexport and @cgawardua tags so we can verify that you are the author of the photo and your workplace.

3. Also, in the photo, the screen of your monitor must be turned on and any page of the 3dexport.com website must be open on it. We need to see that the photo is relevant and taken for the contest.

4. Photo resolution must be at least 1000 pixels on the smaller side.

If these 4 conditions are met, the photo you uploaded will be published for voting. Together with the photo, we publish your name and a link to your Instagram with a post about the contest.

Photo submission deadline: from October 9 to November 8, 2020 (4 weeks).

Voting deadline: 2 weeks after the photo submission deadline.

Anyone who works from home (temporarily or permanently) can participate.

Any person registered on our website can vote once for one photo, indicating its number in the comment at the bottom of this article. The photo with the most votes wins.

The main prize is provided by 3DExport and is $150. Of these, $ 50 cash prize, and $ 100 for purchases on the 3DExport website.

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10.10.2020 10:21
Do you have English version? I want 150$ too
12.10.2020 16:19
No sorry, only Russian. Maybe next time.
Thank you.
13.10.2020 11:01
Вітаю, а якщо я не фрілансер можно взяти участь чи ні? :)))
16.10.2020 17:50
Спробуй :))
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