5 Fatal Mistakes When Looking for a Job

27 september 2021 year

1. Not creating or updating a resume

A resume is your main way of drawing a recruiter's attention to your candidacy. Of course, you can apply for a vacancy by simply writing your name and contacts. But this will be much less effective - you will immediately lose against the background of competitors who were not too lazy and still created such a document. It is very likely that the recruiter will not call you back at all.

But even when you have a resume, do not forget to supplement and update it. Usually, people change jobs once every 1-2 years, and if you created your resume in 2019, now the information in it is already outdated: you have new skills and abilities, maybe you even changed your field of activity, and the size of the desired one. salaries are already different.

And if you post your resume on a job search site, then you also need to update it in order to move up in the search results in the candidate base. After all, employers can not only look at responses but also themselves look for applicants for open vacancies and offer them jobs.

5 fatal mistakes when looking for a job

2. Not checking your social media

Nowadays, many recruiters look through not only the resume of job applicants but also their pages on social networks. Consider this and be sure to review your posts, photos, and comments before starting your job search.

Of course, everyone has the right to express their own views on the Internet, no one will forbid you to do this. But if, for example, your page is cluttered with posts like "Sushi for repost" six months ago, this will tell the recruiter a lot about your organization.

3. Be rude in interviews

Of course, no one will hire impolite and scandalous job seekers.

Sometimes recruiters can ask the same question several times, demand clarifications from you as if trying to catch you in a lie. And for some positions, so-called "stress interviews" are carried out at all - during such a meeting, they will try to piss off the applicant in order to check his stress resistance.

You need to stay calm and in no case be rude to the interlocutor. If the HR question seems too inappropriate, too personal, you can defend your boundaries with dignity, without going over to a harsh tone.

5 fatal mistakes when looking for a job

4. Scolding old colleagues and bosses

Yes, your old boss might have done bad things to you. If everything was fine, then you would hardly be looking for a new job now. At the same time, you should not focus on the negative in the story about why you left your previous job.

Even if you had to leave with a scandal and without severance pay, we do not recommend calling the former leader the last words. If you swear and get angry at life during the interview, you will appear in the eyes of the recruiter as a quarrelsome and vindictive person, perhaps a gossip. And they don't want to see such people in the team.

Ask about leaving the previous place - tell it as it is, but without ratings. Recruiters are not stupid people, they will already understand if the ex-boss or colleagues were unfair to you.

5. Signing up for voluntary slavery

Agreeing to questionable offers from employers, you will definitely not find a good job. During a telephone conversation or at an interview, you are offered to pay for employment, to fulfill the duties of 3 specialists at once for the minimum wage, to send a photo in a bathing suit to your boss to get the position of an accountant, and you answer “yes, of course”? Then get ready in 2 months, if not earlier, to start looking again, because most likely you are not the most honest company.

Basically, mistake # 5 is to devalue yourself in employment. Don't do this if you want to successfully find a job, build a good career, and be happy at work.

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Thank you for this useful article. Is it actual for Ukraine only or for other countries too?
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