Unreal Engine Developer

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ArchXStudio began its journey back in 2011. The passion of our architects turned a small business into a developed company. 10 years of excellence and experience leave us with the confidence to offer our services worldwide. More than 200 satisfied clients have trusted us with over 1000 projects. Our company started with the intention to fulfill all the requirements of its clients. We are the trust of major investors with grand projects as 3D visualization for societies, commercial buildings, and residential areas. Now our team has decided to offer a 50% discount compared to market rates for your next architectural project.

Vacancy description

The principal accountabilities are:
Developing a scalable and performant Unreal renderer
Developing and maintaining UE4 plugins and extending existing systems into Unreal;
Develop tooling that enables artists to create photorealistic virtual worlds;
Establishing a character creation pipeline.


Required Skills Knowledge And Expertise

Understanding of UE4;

C++ 14/17;

Experience making UE4 editor plugins to aid artist workflows;

GIT & source control;

Vector/Matrix maths, algebra;

Working conditions

This role can be almost 100% remote across the UK or even Europe

Job type
The Salary
Salary range is £55,000 - £70,000
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 Unreal Engine Developer
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