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About us
3DRenders.com is growing and venturing into the world of high-fidelity interactive 3D experiences. With our American origins, we’ve built a reputation for creating stunningly realistic architectural renders and animations that don’t just impress; they inspire. Our work extends beyond visuals—we're also crafting intuitive applications that showcase the beautiful content we develop for our clients. We’re excited to add a new member to our team: a skilled Unreal Engine 5 3D artist who’s as passionate about quality and detail as we are about innovation. We’re navigating the exciting terrain of the metaverse and need someone who can visualize and construct virtual spaces that are as immersive as they are impressive.
Vacancy description
Join our new Unreal Engine team as a UE5 3D Artist, specializing in creating highly detailed and realistic environments. Your role will focus on crafting both the insides and outsides of architectural spaces with utmost fidelity. You’ll have the unique opportunity to construct experiences that not only stand out but also stay with our clients long after they’ve first seen them. Help us build unforgettable spaces that set the bar in high-fidelity architectural visualization.
Requirements: Ability to create detailed, high-quality 3D assets using tools such as 3ds Max, Maya, or Blender. Ability to produce lifelike textures and materials using Photoshop, Substance Painter, or Quixel Suite. Ability to leverage UE5's advanced features like Lumen for realistic lighting, Nanite for virtualized geometry, and Substrate materials for complexity. Ability to produce cinematic camera movements and animations that highlight environmental storytelling. Ability to optimize 3D assets for peak performance while maintaining visual quality. Ability to craft Levels of Detail (LODs) that ensure optimal performance across different platforms. Ability to utilize Unreal Engine’s Blueprint visual scripting for dynamic visuals and interactive features. Ability to implement advanced lighting and shading techniques using UE5's rendering capabilities. Ability to translate architectural concepts into precise and immersive 3D visualizations.
Working conditions
What you get: A competitive Salary % of projects + bonuses Top end hardware, CPU and Graphics cards, render farm etc. Resources to train in new skills Socail package 24 vacation days + 5 paid sick days learning courses compensation Full remote
Design immersive and realistic 3D interiors and exteriors in Unreal Engine 5. Model essential assets and establish quality standards for the modeling team. Apply advanced texturing and lighting for photorealistic effects. Create dynamic environmental and weather systems for interactive experiences. Collaborate with the Art Lead to ensure a cohesive artistic vision. Work with UE developers to bring 3D environments to life in the final product. Segment environments into tasks and work with the Project Manager to delegate effectively. Participate in the creation and refinement of internal standards and guides to foster continuous improvement.
Minimally Required Experience
3 years +
Job type
Full-Time · Remote
The Salary
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How to apply
Fill out this form https://forms.gle/Qd1FM6rwyaPzLNo27
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