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CG Award is a resource about 3D graphics and architectural 3D visualization founded in 2018.

We are the only Ukrainian resource in this industry that brings together specialists in architectural 3D visualization so closely, these people are also constantly developing, getting information on our website, exchanging it, learning from each other by posting their work in the gallery.

Our Possibilities:

1. Advertising on the website

We offers a variety of options to improve the effective work of individuals whose activities are related to marketing in the 3D industry, as well as for CG Artists, Designers, Architects, and many more.

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Cooperation and advertising on CG AWARD UA

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Cooperation and advertising on CG AWARD UA

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2. Articles and News, Guest posts

You can make your theme articles or share news on our Blog. If you are posting an article for the first time, we will help you create everything as efficiently as possible.

3. Socials

We have over 12000 subscribers in our social networks that are connected by architectural visualization around the world.

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4. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the best advertisement for your products. The number of sponsors for each season is limited. Apply for sponsorship in advance.

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