How to Make Money on 3D Models

11 february 2023 year

Working as a CG Artist, you can earn on 3D models. Business representatives and individuals order them actively. Such objects are used in advertising, and commercial projects, and are used to visualize ideas. Moreover, the specialist does not have to wait until he manages to receive the order. You can work for the soul, and then sell finished models on special resources. The main thing is to use reliable sites that pay consistently.

What 3d models are

3D models have become widespread. They are actively used. Therefore, you can earn money by selling 3D models. There are two main types of 3D models:

  • Polygonal. These are the simplest models. They are actively used in computer games, cinematography, animation, and are used to create 3D images. Such models consist of a large number of simple geometric shapes. They are called primitives.
  • Norbs surface. These are complex models that have a high level of accuracy. Such models are more often used by architects, engineers, machine builders. They need the most accurate result. The slightest deviation is unacceptable.

How to Make Money on 3D Models

The modeling process itself can also be of several types. Often used wireframe modeling. The resulting models are called wire or wireframe. They are made up of segments, arcs, or lines. The image is not able to convey complete information about the object, the structure of its surface. However, the product allows you to study its structure and functionality. You do not need to spend a lot of memory to store finished models. Usually, they are used to build the intended trajectory of movement.

How to Make Money on 3D Models

Another type is surface modeling. It involves the use of not only arcs, segments and lines, but also a surface, which subsequently forms the outline of the displayed object.

Another option is solid modeling. This approach allows you to get a real sample of the finished object containing data about it. The model contains faces, lines and texture, and allows you to get information about the mass of the body and its volume. Such models occupy the largest amount of memory on the computer. This type of modeling is used everywhere. It is used to create:

  • jewelry;
  • details;
  • technology;
  • computer games and films;
  • furniture.

Also, 3D models are divided according to the level of complexity. The simplest ones do not contain information about the structure and small details, while the most complex ones involve the reflection of complete information about the object, indicating its features.

Where to sell 3d models

Selling finished objects can be done if a person is freelancing or doing 3D modeling as a hobby. Users have access to a large number of resources for selling ready-made models. Choosing the right one depends on personal preference and the convenience of the CG Artist.

Stocks 3D models

Stocks are special sites where graphic content is collected for sale. There are quite a few platforms. You can earn on 3D models on the following resources:


This is one of the most famous sites. It is founded by a group of freelancers. In fact, this is a store where you can sell and buy plugins, digital prints, 3D models. The seller will receive from 60 to 80% of the value of the object. The site is russified.

How to Make Money on 3D Models


This is a resource that allows you to buy and sell 3D models. It is popular with many italian CG Artists. There are several restrictions. Sale of depraved materials, elements related to them, as well as elements of weapons is prohibited. The user receives around 60% of the cost of the model.

How to Make Money on 3D Models


The audience of the resource is over 2.5 million customers. The site even accepts models made in Blender. Work is carried out with a large number of formats.

How to Make Money on 3D Models

How much you can earn by selling 3D models on stocks on the Internet directly depends on their quality, as well as the demand for the object. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the state of the market.

Social Network

Social media is becoming a great site for selling 3D printable models. Resources allow you to quickly find customers. To do this, you can use the search and find thematic groups by keywords. All the resources received will be sorted, leaving the groups with the most active audience.

Often there is the possibility of publishing your ad. It is posted in discussions or directly on the wall. Here the user can publish information about the model for sale, as well as respond to customer announcements.


Photobanks are sites where visualizers can sell images. Such resources are visited by editors and designers who need to design their projects. The buyer pays for the opportunity to use the content.

To start working with photobanks, you need to register in them, then upload an image using the capabilities of your personal account. The system will automatically check it for quality and plagiarism. If there are no claims, the object falls into the general database. Users can find it here. They search for information by keywords. Photo stocks allow you to work with buyers from all over the world.

When the sale has taken place, the funds will be credited to the visualizer's account minus the commission. They can be withdrawn to electronic wallets, bank cards.

Banks 3d Models

Banks of 3D models are very similar to photo banks. However, 3D models are being sold here. They may or may not have finished textures.

You will need to register to use the platform. Then you can start uploading 3D models. It is necessary to select resources that have a large audience.

The user can independently set the price for the model. However, it must be adequate, otherwise, buyers will not pay attention to the content. To determine the cost, it is necessary to study the market and find analogues of the model.

Performer Search Services

Such resources are actively used by customers. Here they publish announcements about the search for a performer for a specific project. Usually, the terms of reference are immediately attached to the announcement, which contains information about the upcoming work. As a result, the visualizer can assess his strengths and, if they are enough, take on the project.

Often the search for a contractor is carried out on a tender basis. The visualizer will have to prove that he has enough skills to complete the order. To do this, you must provide a portfolio. On its basis, the customer will be able to assess whether the contractor is suitable for him.

Freelance Platforms for 3d Designers

Freelance platforms allow you to find a regular customer or one-time orders. It is recommended to switch to their use when at least several works for the portfolio have been created, and the person is confident in his abilities. There are quite a lot of freelance exchanges today. However, most often orders for 3D graphics are published on the following sites:

  • Freelancer. At least a few good orders for 3D Artists appear here every week. Even beginners can nominate themselves. There is a directory of freelancers. through it, customers themselves are looking for performers. However, newcomers are rarely chosen. Customers pay attention to reviews, rating, portfolio availability.
  • Upwork. In the Freelance section, good ads often appear for computer graphics specialists and 3D visualizers. There are few competitors on the exchange, but their level is high.

Additionally, you can earn money by creating 3d models, and looking for customers on local resources and local bulletin boards. They publish information from companies that operate in the region of the visualizer. The competition in this case will be small, and the probability of getting an order increases.

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