The best of March
Aleksey Karetin

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KZKV Archviz Team

Bastide Niel. Vol. 2

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Dmitry Karepin


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Oleh Horban

The New Madrid Library

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Yudjin Chernopisskiy


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Save your time searching for Architectural 3D rendering services. Now all the best Archviz Artists of Ukraine on one website.

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About our project
3D визуализация

First Annual Architectural 3D visualization Award in Ukraine, which is the industry quality standard.

3D визуализация

News from the world of 3D graphics, useful tutorials, articles, interviews with the best 3D artists, free 3D models, and much more.

3D визуализация

A lot of top freelancers and studios ready to implement any architectural design project at the highest level.

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The panel includes authoritative experts with many awards in the field of 3D graphics and architectural visualization. Each of the twenty best works will be carefully analyzed by the requirements of both nominations.

anna fedyukina

Аnna Fedyukina

Artem Lutai

Artem Lutai

Dmitri Kurilov

Dmitri Kurilov

Ruslana Kulikova

Daniel Nagaets

Ruslana Kulikova

Ruslana Kulikova

Maxim Tsiabus

Maxim Tsiabus

Artem Bobrov

Artem Bobrov

Fabio Palvelli

Fabio Palvelli

The best textures and scans for 3D graphics and rendering

Official partner
of the CG AWARD UA


Our partners are companies that occupy leading positions in the services market for 3D visualization and rendering from around the world. They provided prizes to the two winners of the year, as well as the best works of the month.

CG Textures - is a website that offers digital photos of all types of materials, as well as 3-D scans of various objects. Two prizes are available for our winners. The monthly prize of 1000 credits is given each month to one of the best works with the highest rating. Winners of the competition are given 1000 credits for purchases.

3d export

3D Export - is a website that combines everything that a CG artist can use in his or her work: any models and textures, HDRI maps, and lessons. Whether you are looking for furniture or fabulous dragons, they all can be found on our sponsor’s website. Winners of the 3D Export competition are given the opportunity to buy everything needed by any visualizer for $500.

Maxtree - is a resource that creates high-quality models of plants and flowers from all over the world to facilitate the work of visualizers. The winners of the Maxtree competition are given the opportunity to download 5 collections with plants each from the website.


Gobotree is a source of high quality 3D people, photographic materials, cut-outs of people and vegetation, skies, backgrounds and reference images - all delivered through unrivalled searching ability. Winners of the Gobotree competition are awarded 800 Pounds to buy 4 collections of 3d peoples.

Competition Stages


February 1 - start of renders uploading and voting


10 winners of the month, every month


December 1 - end of work loading and voting


December 20 - announcement of the winners of the year

Exhibition of
3D Renderings

From November 9 to November 23, 2019, in Kyiv, in the Gallery of contemporary art «Ornament Art Space», an exhibition dedicated to architectural 3D visualization, called «Architectural visualization as Art», was held.

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CG AWARD UA - This is an annual Award for Architectural 3D visualization in Ukraine. Its goal is to identify two of the best architectural 3D visualizations in the categories "Interior" and "Exterior".

The competition begins on February 1 of each new year and lasts 10 months until November 30. During this time, all participants can add their work and at the same time vote in the Gallery on the site.

After November 30, the administration of the award selects the best 20 works for refereeing. Until December 10, a referendum is held. On December 20, the names of the two winners will be known.

Winners of the competition will receive personalized awards and special prizes from sponsors, including many useful high-quality models, textures, and 3D scans. In addition to the two best works of the year, we also reward one work with the highest score every month. The winner of the month is selected only by voting by users of the site without the participation of judges and announced on the 1st of each month.

Architectural 3D visualization in Ukraine

The CG AWARD UA guarantees an objective, honest, and most transparent vote for each participant. Indeed, in our time, architecture and design occupy a very important place in the life of every person. Almost 100% of our lifetime we are surrounded by objects of architecture and design. On the streets of the city, in offices, or at home, our eyes touching the creations of architectural and design studios. Very often we do not attach importance to this, but our coziness and comfort depend on their quality. One wrong decision by a designer can spoil your continued stay at your home for years to come.

And just architectural 3D visualization is an indispensable assistant in the development of a high-quality design for any room. Therefore, in 2018, a team of like-minded people sets a goal with the help of this project to set the desired vector of development in the field of 3d visualization, as well as to popularize it in society. Architectural 3d visualization in Ukraine should rise to a new level of quality, and the level of our specialists should improve all the time.

About author

The main organizer and ideological leader of the project was a CG artist from Ukraine Dmitry Revyakin, in a professional environment, known more like 3Dmitri. Dmitry has been engaged in architectural visualization since 2007. During this time, he repeatedly received international awards on various 3D sites for his work. From 2014-2019, Dmitry held the position of administrator of the architectural gallery of one of the largest in the CIS platform for 3D graphics Over the past five years, he has repeatedly presented awards to the most talented CG artists of Ukraine.

Given all of the above, we can guarantee the objectivity and impartiality of the results of the competition, as well as equal relations with all users of the project, regardless of their status or skills.

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