CG AWARD UA is an Annual Architectural 3D visualization Award founded in 2018. Our website contains the most talented visualizers from Ukraine, who send their work to compete for the title of best. This site is a source of constantly updated workforce - architectural visualization professionals who need to keep abreast of developments in our rapidly growing industry. CG AWARD UA is the only resource in this industry that so closely unites specialists in Architectural 3D visualization in Ukraine, these people are constantly developing, receive information on our website, exchange it, learn from each other, posting their works in the Gallery.

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CG AWARD UA offers a variety of options to improve the effective work of individuals whose activities are related to marketing in the 3D industry, as well as for artists and professionals in the field of architectural visualization. By placing your multimedia banner with us, you make the right choice, because CG AWARD UA is the only website in Ukraine aimed exclusively at professionals in this field of activity.


CG AWARD UA sends out monthly newsletters to site subscribers. Our newsletters have some of the highest click and click performance.


We have over 11,000 subscribers in our social networks that are connected by architectural visualization around the world.


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The number of visitors and subscribers is constantly growing, have time to use our services at the best market price.

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