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Our studio develops high-quality advertising 3D visualization, for sale and promotion of construction, interior, architectural objects, subject visualization. We provide developers and designers with everything necessary for advertising and presentation of real estate.

We develop 3D models of buildings and based on them we create vivid and catchy images that are used in advertising real estate and project presentations.

Visualization of the object is necessary as an effective marketing tool for influencing a potential buyer. This is the main component of any advertising campaign and presentation.

3D visualization is widely used to maximize the profitable presentation of architecture, interiors, furniture, appliances, and much more, for advertising purposes. With it, you can see how the object will look in the real world, evaluate its size, shape and color.

Modern computer graphics have very high capabilities in order to make photorealistic visualization, which will not be different from high-quality art photographs.

We create only a high-quality product, thanks to which our customers can increase sales, declare themselves, grow their business and present their opportunities. Our customers are large enterprises, businessmen, investors, marketers, architects, designers and many others.

We look forward to collaborating!

  • Interior Design;
  • Interior visualization;
  • Architectural visualization;
  • Retail visualization;
  • Commercial visualization;
  • tours.

Web: De New Studio


Location: Kherson, Ukraine

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