What is Architectural 3D visualization in Ukraine

04 november 2020 year
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What is Architectural 3D visualization

Architectural visualization is a graphical display of an object or a city-planning situation in architecture created using computer technology. It has a high degree of information and allows you to more fully present the main characteristics of the future structure.

It is an effective form of demonstration of competitive projects, creating presentations in the field of design and construction. Architectural 3D visualization has become a special direction in the work of architects and 3D-designers.

Today, high-quality architectural 3D visualization as a final product must combine artistic value in terms of composition, setting light and competent presentation of Architectural elements.

The capabilities of modern computational algorithms (rendering systems) and computer capacities allow you to create fully photo-realistic images of architectural forms, which is especially important when visualizing an object in the existing buildings or on existing terrain.

Thus, at the moment, architectural visualization includes a variety of tasks for builders and architects, as well as for advertising and creative areas. Such a wide range of Architectural 3D visualization possibilities created the conditions for the development of this computer graphics line into a separate service industry and services in the world market.

Architectural 3D visualization in Ukraine

Architectural 3D visualization as a field of activity appeared in the 90th, when some companies, suppliers of computer software, began to make 3D software for desktops. In countries with developed economies, this specialty appeared earlier than in Ukraine.

However, today the level of our specialists is not worse than Western specialists. This profession is much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

An architectural visualizer is not a draftsman who simply rebuilds drawings in a 3D program and renders an image of an object. Only knowledge of programs is not enough for high-quality performance of tasks.

For example, the visualizer must know the rules for installing road signs and road markings when doing visualization of the exterior on the streets. Must know the botanist, planting different plants for decorating the site, taking into account the region of the object. Creating various materials (wood, metal, water, etc.) in 3D you need to know their characteristics perfectly.

All these factors make this work incredibly interesting and at difficult in same time. Demanding many skills and knowledge, as well as artistic talent.

That is one of the reasons why we decided to create this Award, in support of the already held talents and just starting their way CG artists of Ukraine.

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