About the Award and prizes

The CG Visualization AWARD is an annual award for architectural visualization, which will be given in Ukraine since 2019. It was created to select the best work in the “Interior” category and one of the best works in the “Exterior” category according to the results of the outgoing year by voting methods by any registered member of the website and professional judges.

Upload is starting from 1st of February and ends on the 31st of November (10 months).
Your work can be uploaded directly to the website. During this time, all participants can add their work and vote at the same time. All the works will be visible for voting in the GALLERY section.

After the completion of the voting, both the panel judges and the website moderators select the Top 10 works in the “Interior” category and the Top 10 works in the “Exterior” category. The judges will be able to vote until 31 December. At January 20th, the names of the two winners will be announced.

The winners of the competition will receive personal awards with the logo of the competition, as well as special prizes from sponsors. Some of the best works will also remain in the gallery of winners and can be used on the website in the future.

CG Textures - is a website that offers digital photos of all types of materials, as well as 3-D scans of various objects. Two prizes are available for our winners. The monthly prize of 500 credits is given each month to one of the best works with the highest rating. Winners of the competition are given 1,000 credits for purchases.

Real displacement textures - was the first shop for scanbased, tileable pbr-materials worldwide. Since 2015 we are constantly growing and trying to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our defined goal: Developing the best texture-sets available without making compromises. Our winners will get a new collection of textures №6 and №7 (company licence). The latest product of the company, that made with the latest technologies. Monthly prize is also available, for the best work of the month. One any Textures Pack one website.

Maxtree - is a resource that creates high-quality models of plants and flowers from all over the world to facilitate the work of visualizers. The winners of the Maxtree competition are given the opportunity to download 5 collections with plants each from the website.
Quixel Megascans - is the largest database of scanned models and textures in the world, which is used not only by visualizers but also by world film studios. Quixel Megascans competition winners are given the opportunity to download scans and textures in resolutions of up to 8K to their website for 6 months. Megascans subscription also means accessing Quixel Mixer and Quixel Bridge while the subscription is active.
HUM 3D - has helped all CG artists of the world to save time on modeling since 2005. The website contains different models from different eras to fit any budget. HUM 3d winners receive 150 credits for the purchase of any models from its resource.
CG MOOD - is a young website that offers models and textures, as well as presets for forest pack. You can also upload your models for sale and have a high and stable royalty. Winners of the CG MOOD competition are awarded 50 Artist Credits and 10 Exclusive Credits as well as the Basic Subscription for 6 months.
3D Export - is a website that combines everything that a CG artist can use in his or her work: any models and textures, HDRI maps, and lessons. Whether you are looking for furniture or fabulous dragons, they all can be found on our sponsor’s website. Winners of the 3D Export competition are given the opportunity to buy everything needed by any visualizer for $750.
Our information partner is Render.ru, a website that has been a leader in the CG industry of the CIS for many years. There, you can find the latest news from the world of CG, fresh vacancies, freelance projects, a gallery, blogs, courses, interesting articles, and any information necessary to study graphics.
Sketchfab - is a resource that provides a variety of models for architectural visualization, creating games, smartphone applications and other things. Since 2012, he has collected more than 3 million models in his base. Sketchfab gives our winners a 3-month PRO subscription during which you can download 20 any models from the site per month.

Dimensiva - is a website with high-quality models of fittings and light fixtures, as well as other interior items from different world brands. Two prizes are also available to our winners. The monthly prize of 2 pro models is given each month to one of the best works with the highest rating. Winners of the competition are given full one-month access to all the models on the website.

HDRMAPS - is a resource of quality hdri maps established in Poland in 2012. All products are Royalty Free and in very high resolution up to 20K and very high dynamic range. HM provides also a lot of free content for CGI community. All winners will get 100€ coupon allowing to purchase anything they'd like on hdrmaps.com
HDRI-SKIES - Our idea is to support the realization of junior CG artist’s projects by sharing all of our HDR sky maps 2048x1024px res. totally for free and for commercial use. Also, each of their free maps is available in the resolution of 20000x10000px for a small fee. For each of our two winners of the competition our partner HDRI-Skies will give one of any collection of HDRI textures. In addition, if the winner of the competition will use in his work a free texture from the website of our partner, HDRI-Skies will give him this texture in the highest resolution, in addition to the main prize.