3D rendering services

In this section you can order 3D rendering and visualization services from the best companies of Ukraine, selected by the administration of the CG AWARD UA.

Only top 3D rendering services

Welcome to “CG AWARD UA” Architectural 3D rendering services page. This catalog contains only best studios and companies of Ukraine.

You can order services related to Architectural 3D visualization, modeling or animation.

Each participant is selected by Administration of “CG AWARD UA” and checked for compliance with the high-quality standards in Archviz industry.

We also check the reputation of participants from this list, and in addition to the high quality of 3D visualizations, we take into account positive and negative reviews about each of them. Below are the main types of services that you can order by the studios or companies presented in our catalog.

3D interior rendering and visualization

The Biggest part of using 3D graphics in combination with interior design. 3D visualization of interior is an indispensable assistant to designers and architects during the planning of work on interior decoration of residential and office premises, repair, planning and redevelopment of any interior space.

3D exterior rendering and visualization

Use of 3D visualization of the exterior is the most objective and effective way in assessing the future architectural object. If you order 3D visualization of the exterior, you will receive a virtual embodiment of the appearance of any architectural structures and forms.

3D modeling services

The scope of this service is very extensive. In addition to using it in architectural 3D visualization, it can be, for example, product modeling for your advertising catalogs, posters, banners, etc. Today, increasingly large global companies prefer 3D modeling to the services of photo or video studios.

Architectural 3D animation

3D animation is the best way to create the most effective and efficient presentation of your architectural project. It can also help beautifully present your property. 3D animation allows you to effectively introduce your customers to any information in a clear and simple way.

How to order Architectural 3D rendering?

On our website, you will find many top Ukrainian Archviz Studios and Companies ready to provide high-end services for 3D rendering of the interior, exterior, product rendering or catalog rendering. Look at the profiles that are presented in this catalog, select the ones you like most and contact them to implement your ideas. To order, make up the terms of reference, discuss key points (spaces, number of objects, their sizes, ideas for colors, materials and textures), and start working together.

The price of 3D rendering will depend on several factors:

  • complexity of the project design itself;
  • number of objects that require 3D modeling;
  • necessary quality of textures and materials;
  • detail elaboration of scene objects;
  • 3D rendering requirements;
  • deadline for the project.

The best Studios in the field of Architectural 3D rendering closely monitor current trends in 3D graphics, photography and design, which means they can offer the best solutions for your tasks. You just have to scroll through our catalog and choose the artist you like!

Who needs 3D rendering services?

Architectural 3d rendering gives the customer the following options:

  • you can see the final result of your project design, stylistic ideas, check the compatibility of the forms, objects, textures or materials you have come up with;
  • it is possible to see the location of objects in the room and, if necessary, modify the layout;
  • high probability to detect all mistakes in the design project due to detailed calculations of the 3D program;
  • You can start selling the object even before the start of its construction, showing customers 3D renderings.

Here are a couple of examples that more accurately describe the benefits of 3D rendering. Previously, when building a new facility, for example, a residential building, managers showed customers drawings and layouts, which did not particularly attract the latter to make purchases of unfinished housing. Now, managers and realtors show customers beautiful and most importantly physically accurate images of future apartments.

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