Marchenko & Novak

We are an architecture visualization studio, based in Kiev - Ukraine. We create images and animation for architects, property developers, agencies and designers worldwide.

For over the past 5 years I have been working as 3d Artist using 3d Max / Corona. I have dealt with various projects of Architecture - Architectural Renderings of Interiors & Exteriors and Product Visualization.


Still images: We produce high-end photorealistic exterior, interior and product CG images.

Animation: We produce a full animation creation cycle: from the concept and the sound series to the finished film.

Interior design: We can offer interior design solutions for property and product marketing.


Marchenko & Novak Studio was founded by two architects Andrey Marchenko and Nikolay Novak, that fond their passion in creating high-end photorealistic architectural visualization and animation. The background in architecture and design helps us to understand the holistic design process and make visual communication with the customer more effective.

Web: Marchenko & Novak


Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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