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What is 3D visualization?

Thanks to modern technologies, today it is possible to see the finished result of the project design before the construction company begins its implementation. This is made possible thanks to special computer programs like 3ds Max or C4D. In this programs, visualizers create beautiful and realistic images of the future architectural object. In addition to this, programs allow you to look at any part of the object from any angle or lighting even before its construction.

For 3D visualization, the specialist creates special 3D models, which he then arranges, depending on the project plan. It also sets the lighting and camera positions in scene. The final stage is rendering - the process of converting a 3D scene into a static image or animation that can be used to demonstrate a future project.

Much also depends on the professionalism of the specialist performing 3D visualization. It is important not only to correctly convey the location, dimensions and textures of objects, but also to correctly set the lighting, brightness, contrast and camera. For high-quality photorealistic visualization, the visualizer must also have an artistic taste and preferably an architectural education.

Who needs 3D visualization services?

Architectural 3d visualization gives the customer the following options:

  • you can see the final result of your project design, stylistic ideas, check the compatibility of the forms, objects, textures or materials you have come up with;
  • it is possible to see the location of objects in the room and, if necessary, modify the layout;
  • high probability to detect all mistakes in the design project due to detailed calculations of the 3D program;
  • You can start selling the object even before the start of its construction, showing customers 3D visualization.

Here are a couple of examples that more accurately describe the benefits of 3D visualization. Previously, when building a new facility, for example, a residential building, managers showed customers drawings and layouts, which did not particularly attract the latter to make purchases of unfinished housing. Now, managers and realtors show customers beautiful and most importantly physically accurate images of future apartments. If 3D visualization was performed by a professional, then it can even make a buyer fall in love with your project at a glance. In addition, architects and designers ordering 3D visualizations can make some changes to the project during the construction process, which makes it possible to correct mistakes. It would be more difficult or even impossible if they were discovered only after construction.

How to order 3D visualization?

On our site you will find many top Ukrainian experts ready to provide quality services for 3D visualization of the interior, exterior, subject visualization or catalog visualization. Look at the profiles of studios and freelancers that are presented on this page, select the ones you like best and contact them to implement your ideas. To order, make up the terms of reference, discuss key points (space, number of objects, their sizes, ideas for colors, materials and textures), and start working together.

The price of 3d rendering will depend on several factors:

  • the complexity of the project design itself;
  • the number of objects that require 3D modeling;
  • the necessary quality of textures and materials;
  • detail elaboration of scene objects;
  • 3D visualization requirements;
  • deadline for the project.

The best specialists in the field of architectural visualization closely monitor current trends in 3D graphics, photography and design, which means they can offer the best solutions for your tasks. You just have to scroll through our catalog, and choose the artist you like!

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