• The competition is held only among visualizers from Ukraine. Works from other countries are not accepted for participation.

  • Registration of new users is open all year round. Voting is open from 1 of February to 31 of November.

  • The uploaded render must be no larger than 2 MB and be in the JPEG format. Works with a resolution of less than 1000 pixels per side are not accepted. The maximum is limited only by the size of the image.

  • The work must be uploaded by you personally or by your studio. Your work will be deleted if it is not done by you or at the request of third parties for the following reasons: plagiarism, claims of the copyright holder (if the author has posted the work without the holder’s consent)

  • The image must not have the following elements superimposed: text labels, surnames, first names, names etc.

  • Only one image can be uploaded per uploading session. If you have a series of images for a single object, choose the best one or upload all the pictures one by one. Do not forget that we choose one best picture in one category.

  • Each uploaded picture passes moderation and only then is shown on the website. Straight-out weak works will be deleted by the moderators of the gallery. Please adequately assess your capabilities.

  • Completed information will also be checked after images are uploaded.

  • The number of works from a single user per year is not limited.

  • You can upload work done before 2019.

  • The work uploaded to the competition is moderated for 1-2 days.

  • Panel judges can also take part, but they will not be able to vote in the final part if their work falls into the Top 20 and proceeds to the other judges for voting.

  • The subject matter of the works is interior and exterior visualization. We do not set other frameworks (unless the work is offensive or aggressive towards minorities etc.). It does not matter if the object is real or invented, if the work is commercial or done in free time, and if the work is done by a professional architect or a student.

  • However, the topic of work should be disclosed. If this is a work on the interior, the entire furniture group must be visible, rather than a single armchair or another object standing alone in the center of the room. Avoid images where the main furniture composition (or the house, if the work is on the exterior) is poorly visible or cropped.

  • We specifically called the competition “CG” by combining all types of PC-based visualization. The scene does not have to be entirely modeled in a 3-D editor. Additional editing in Photoshop or another 2-D graphics program is also allowed.

  • Any user registered on the website can vote. It does not matter if the voter is from Ukraine or from any other country. Voting can be done only once per work.

  • Evaluate the work adequately and fairly, do not forget that this is a visualization competition rather than a design one. First of all, look at the quality of the graphics, at the model, at the configuration of the light or the texturing.

  • Do not upvote your work using your friends or acquaintances and do not downvote your competitors; moderators and judges will see any fraud or inadequate voting, and your work will be deleted. Only the best visualization will win the competition.

  • The number of ratings for a work is less important than the rating itself. However, the more ratings and the higher they are, the more chances to get to the Top 20.

  • Comments to the works must not contain any calls for violation of the current legislation, statements of a racist nature, or disputes inciting ethnic and religious hatred, as well as everything else that falls under the current legislation of Ukraine.

  • Comments to the works must also not contain CVs, announcements about vacancies at organizations, search for employees, links to external resources, and uploading of pictures. Placement of ads on the sale and purchase of software products, equipment, artwork, and other property. Posting of messages that clearly are advertising in nature.

  • Speaking in a rude and obscene form (cheeky, biased) against the Administration, moderators, and users of the website; or demonstration of this by any other means. Flame, flood, trolling in all its manifestations, as well as inciting holy wars.

  • After the end of the competition, all the uploaded work will be removed from the resource. This does not apply to winning visualizations and the works from the Top 20, which will be included in the Winners gallery.

  • Be sure to leave your contacts when uploading your images so that we can contact you in case of winning. It is advisable to leave an alternative mailing address or a link to your social media profile or your cellphone number in the “Comments to work” section (when uploading the image).

  • After communicating with the winner, we will send the main prize anywhere in Ukraine using the Nova Poshta mailing service. Information about sponsor’s prizes will arrive at the mailing addresses that were specified when filling out the form.

  • If the winner does not get in touch with us, the judges will hold a repeated competition for the best work from the Top 10 of the required category.
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