3D model Scandinavian decor for the kitchen visualization

time icon 17 january 2020 year
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The Scandinavian Kitchen Decor scene contains several models such as coffee cups, tea cups, a sugar bowl with a spoon, a jug, several candles, cinnamon sticks and two wooden plates. All models have the correct number of polygons, made with attention to detail, already textured and ready to use.

Platform: 3dsMax 2015

Render Engine: Corona Render


The product is ideally optimized for 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer. The discreet design blends perfectly with modern Scandinavian interior design. Optimal geometry and materials.

3D model Scandinavian decor for the kitchen visualization

Author of this model https://exorbitart.shop/

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Thank you for this useful article. Is it actual for Ukraine only or for other countries too?

27.09.2021 16:10

Дві роботи завантажені, дві перемоги здобуто )) Вітаю

02.09.2021 11:55

27.08.2021 16:49

Отличная статья,мне очень помогла определиться с выбором монитора,без воды ,все по полочкам!

09.08.2021 17:09
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