Invisible pavilion hidden from people

09 march 2020 year
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The Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Porto has long required an expansion of space. The architects of depA bureau built a pavilion for him in a luxurious park adjacent to the museum. And they tried to make their construction really dissolved in nature.

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The Portuguese depA architecture agency hid this pavilion designed to expand the Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Porto, Portugal. This disguised architectural object, covered with mirrored panels, seems to disappear into the lush green landscape and contains impressive works of art for those who manage to get inside. The pavilion is called "Liquid Pavilion" and is a temporary installation, built specifically for the architectural exhibition.

The Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Porto

Museum of Contemporary Art Serralves (port. Museu de Arte Contempornea da Funda & ccedilo de Serralves); Art Museum in the Portuguese city of Porto, founded in April 1990 and opened in June 1999; the permanent collection contains works created after the 1960s; located in a building designed by architect Alvaro Siza Vieira and located in the 3.5-acre Serralves Park; includes a sculpture park; holds temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

Architects said that this pavilion is similar to the previously created museum building, which was designed by Alvara Siza Vieira. Thus depA representatives wanted to emphasize the connection between the two objects. The facades of the pavilion are covered with mirrored panels of dark glass and they, in turn, reflect the greenery and the lake, and thus mask. Mirroded "Liquid Pavilion" reflects the images of the lake and lush foliage, making it almost invisible to passers-by.

“The museum building and Serralves Park are used in the pavilion as raw materials on various scales,” writes depA. “The project of the pavilion is a polygon extracted from the layout of the museum, which corresponds to one of its characteristic spaces - the bay window. The classic hexagonal matrix of which is repeated and appears at different times throughout the park, both on the sidewalks and in landscape features.”

The location of the pavilion in the landscape and the use of reflective materials make it a visual bridge between the museum and the park. At the same time linking the museum with its shape and at the same time merging with the landscape. The concave polygonal layout of the pavilion makes the interior suitable for projecting films, such as, for example, the play by O Peixe of the Brazilian artist Jonathas de Andre. The pavilion was commissioned as one of the five buildings of the museum for the architectural exhibition of the 32nd Biennale de Sao Paulo.

The Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Porto

The Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Porto

The Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Porto

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