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One of the definitions of the word Art describes it as follows - a form of creativity, a way of spiritual self-realization of a person through sensual-expressive means such as music, drawing, poetry, etc.

We believe that in the 21th century Architectural 3D visualization has the right to be called Art!

This is not just a formal implementation of drawings and plans of construction objects using 3D programs. Today it is a mixture of computer graphics, the imagination of the author, architectural photography and some other supporting professions, and as a result a powerful tool for self-realization and self-degeneration through architecture. With the help of architectural visualization, it is possible to convey to the viewer the most interesting architectural forms and design ideas, the play of light and shadows, and everything that is difficult for us to catch in reality.

Combining the art of photography and drawing, as well as a huge selection of technical capabilities, it gives us a completely new and unique product that can evoke emotions and feelings, inspire and be worthy of the best galleries and museums in the world.

Thats why in November 2019, we hosted an exhibition dedicated to architectural visualization. It took place in Kiev (Ukraine), in the Gallery of contemporary Art "Ornament Art Space" for two weeks. Twenty eight best renders from the “CG AWARD UA” were exhibited at it, which were sent to the contest during the year.

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

Such exhibitions are not uncommon in the EU and North America, but this is a special event for Ukraine and the Ukrainian archvis community. For the realization of our idea, an art gallery, as the venue of the exhibition, was the main condition. It took us about two weeks to find a suitable place that would share our views. And we are very glad that in the end we were accepted into «Ornament Art Space», this place was perfect for us. Convenient location in Kiev, beautiful modern design in the loft style, several different halls for exhibitions, and objects of modern art located there perfectly complemented the work of our participants

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

A special place in the exhibition is held by our sponsors. Three companies providing high-level services for 3D graphics agreed and were able to support us financially. Without them, this exhibition could not have taken place.


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Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Виктор Сердобинцев

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Роман Гузар

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Submarina Studio 3december

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство The Braviz

For the exhibition this year, we selected 28 works from the participants of our award. From one participant for one best job.

List of exhibitors and their works:

Rocket render - hotel room

Alex Gnativ - The fenix place

Vlad Greben - Stockholm 34

Pogorielov Kostya - House in the Springfield

Yriy Kostyk - House on the great wall

Andre Burbela - Kozyn daylight

Archimatika - Fayna Town

KZKV Team - Typical House

Mindness - Residential complex near the sea

Real Eyes - Thapar University art

Some Graphics - Altex soft kitchen

The Braviz - Teplitsa

Andrew Honcharenko - Heavenly Hundred Memorial

Artem Lutai - DM residence

Vasiliy Golinka - Hut somewhere in the Icelandic forest

Victor Serdobintsev - Neue National Gallery

Huzar Roman - Lake house

3Dmitri - London apartment

Kasyanenko Alesya - Maroon

Kirill Vill - Antique

Max Samun - The bathroom

Alex Melnik - Istra

Onishchenko Denis - Fallingwater

Torgonsky Vladislava - Tikhaya classica

BY Visuals - Brussels street

Dmitry Pavlyuk - Hall in a modern style

Kuzmenko Alexander - Ariadne apartment

In order to achieve perfect color rendering, we made test prints, after which we adjusted the light and shadows. The most difficult to print was a picture of Aleksand Gnatov. Dark tones prevail there, which in the first test prints were just black.

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Андрей Гончаренко

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство The Real Eyes Studio

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Юра Бобак Ярослав Прядка

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Назарий Деркач Юрий Бобак

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

The opening of the exhibition took place on November 9 at 15:00. At the opening there were guests from different cities of Ukraine. Most of all from Kiev and Lviv, as well as the Dnipro. Toward the end of the first day of the exhibition, some exhibitors and guests took a walk in the evening Kiev, and then celebrated this event in a Ukrainian restaurant «SHO».

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Василий Чабан Юра Бобак

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Александр Кузьменко

Выставка Архитектурная визуализация как искусство Александр Кузьменко Василий Мацола

Over the next two weeks, the Ornament Art Space gallery met new visitors every day. For all the time, about 250 people visited the exhibition, which is not enough for events of this kind. We are very pleased that the work of our participants was seen live by many people from different fields of activity, and not just CG Artists. After the end of the exhibition, we sent out some of the works to their authors, those who expressed a desire.

We hope that this exhibition will be the first step towards our goal and very soon architectural visualizations will appear in galleries in different cities of Ukraine and not only.

Thanks to all participants for your work, our subscribers for reposts and support. And also special thanks: Alexander Kuzmenko, The Real Eyes Studio, Yaroslav Pryadka, Yegor Stefan.

For those who for some reason missed the exhibition and its opening, there are small video reviews on our youtube channel :)

Video review of the exhibition hall.

Video Review of the official opening. November 9, 2019.

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25.11.2019 13:47
Спасибо всем за поддержку. Что приехали с разных городов. Было очень приятно всех увидеть.
28.11.2019 13:48
Well done! Next year I will come too :)
31.12.2019 10:30
Thank you :)
10.12.2019 11:40
Большое спасибо команде CG AWARD за организацию и возможность принять участие в выставке «Архитектурная визуализация как искусство».
Было очень круто !!!
Надеюсь увидеть вас в следующем году друзья !
31.12.2019 10:32
Спасибо. Мы старались.
11.12.2019 09:28
Велике дякую команді CG AWARD за організацію виставки та виконану непросту роботу, надзвичайна атмосфера нові та старі знайомства. Ну і звісно окрема подяка спонсорам, як би, зарєшали (: ), чекатиму наступної такої події з нетерпінням.
31.12.2019 10:23
Дякуємо. Сподіваємося побачимось наступного року.
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