Best Blender addons for architectural 3D rendering

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Pro lighting skies

Pro-lighting: Skies is an add-on from Blender guru that artists can use to instantly change outdoor lighting at any time of the day, any weather and achieve more realistic results, because it is based on the use of images with a high dynamic range or the more famous term - HDRI.

The best Blender addons for architectural 3D visualization

Building tools

This addon is interesting because it allows you to quickly create beautiful buildings or houses, procedurally adding some of the most important elements for the building, such as floors, windows, railings, doors, balconies and roofs.

Real trees

Real Trees is an addon that makes it easy to create forests and natural areas. It contains 20 models of the most common trees in the world.

Sketch Style

SKETCH STYLE is a plugin that can be used for 3d visualization such as Ambient Occlusion, clay and sketch, similar to what we can find in professional software capable of creating unrealistic renderings such as Sketch Up.

Blender open street map

Blender-osm supports the generation of simple 3D buildings to create exterior urban scenes or outdoor scenes in general, using information obtained from satellite information online, which will be transferred to the Blender 3D viewing window.

The best Blender addons for architectural 3D visualization

JArch vis

JARCH Vis is a Blender 3D addon that helps artists create specific architectural objects so that they are easy to customize. It quickly creates such objects as: windows, floor, walls, doors, etc.

Blender GIS

Blender GIS - it is an add-on that uses satellite data to create cities and the exterior. This addon is very similar to the Blender open street map, except that it is free and can be a bit more difficult to use.


The Object Scatter addon for Blender lets you scatter a grid over a surface. It does not have to be a plane on which you want to scatter objects, it can be a sphere, or another object.


This addon comes with Blender and allows you to create many architectural elements.

City builder 3d

This addon allows artists to create their own cities in Blender with over 40 different 3D models and texture building objects that can be applied very quickly to a 3D scene.

True grass

As the name of this addon suggests, True grass is able to generate realistic grass with 8 types of grass, 3 types of weeds, 5 plants or flowers, 5 types of mushrooms in addition to ground debris.

The best Blender addons for architectural 3D visualization


E-Cycles is a Blender addon that is used to achieve better ray tracing performance.


This Blender addon is in the form of a high-quality resource package containing various types of weeds, grass and moss, as well as various types of garbage that can be used to add a touch of realism and imperfection in external 3D rendering scenes.


Archipack is a Blender addon containing a collection of parametric primitives for Architectural 3D Vizualization.


Gaffer is a Blender addon that helps artists illuminate their scenes by presenting all the necessary settings in convenient panels for quick access and experimentation, which can help save time, efficiency and focus on creating better lighting without being distracted by button searches.

Real grass

Real Grass is an addon that lets you add a bunch of PBR grass and weed models to your scene.

The best Blender addons for architectural 3D visualization

A more detailed overview of all the addons below in the video.

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