All judges of CG AWARD UA

Every year before the start of the season, we select eight CG artists to serve as members of the jury of our competition. The panel includes authoritative experts with many awards in the field of 3D graphics and architectural visualization. Each of the twenty best works will be carefully analyzed by the requirements of both nominations.


Аnna Fedyukina

Artem Lutai

Dmitri Kurilov

Daniel Nagaets

Ruslana Kulikova

Maxim Tsiabus

Artem Bobrov

Fabio Palvelli


Maksym Samun

Anna Fedyukina

Benjamin Springer

Karim Moussa

Bartosz Domiczek

Nazar Derkach

Jesus Boyero

Matheus Passos


Jakub Cech

Juan Altieri

Vasiliy Chaban

Dmitri Revyakin

Dmitri Tereshchuk

Mohsen Hashemi

Michael Bendus

Julian Sadokha

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