Максим Тябус

Maxim Tsiabus

CG artist. Belarus.

I started 3d graphics 10 years ago at age 18 in my sophomore year at the College of Architecture. All term projects at that time were done by hand, that is, using watercolors and pencils, but I realized that it was easier to create them on a computer. At that time I did not have a computer, so I took a laptop from friends and installed Archikad there. It was with him that I began my acquaintance with the sphere of 3d visualization, my first course project was carried out in it.

When it came time to do the next coursework, I learned about such a program as 3ds max. I already have my own computer and all subsequent coursework and diploma projects were completed in it.

After graduating from college, I worked as an architect for a year, but the main focus was on architectural visualization. After that I worked as an interior designer for some time, but over time I realized that the 3d sphere is still closer to me than design. For 3 years I worked in three different 3d visualization studios and then completely went to freelance. In 2017, my friends and I created our own small visualization studio VizLine studio, it was a rather useful experience for me, but after 2 years I left there for freelancing because I realized that I was more comfortable working alone.

Since 2019, I have completed a lot of projects with different clients and different countries around the world, I tend to focus more on interior visualization.

All projects you can see on the links: behance.net/tsiabus. My personal profile instagram.com/maxim_tsiabus/

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