Дмитрий Ревякин 3Dmitri

Dmitri Revyakin


My name is Dmitry Revyakin (3Dmitri) I am a CG artist from Ukraine (Dnipro), with more than 10 years of experience. My specialization is interior and exterior visualization, also modeling arch objects of any complexity. I began to study computer graphics at the institute as a hobby that outgrown into my professional activity.

For all the time in this area I have made hundreds of different projects in completely different styles. Starting with hotels in the UAE and Switzerland, and ending with sports facilities for the Olympics games in the city of Sochi. In addition to my commercial activities, I also try to find time for artwork. Most often I try to convey my mood in such works to the viewer or just to share something that I like in life. The best of them received awards at the same time on various international sites.

In 2009, my work "Tokyo Jewel Box" received 3 Award on 3ddd.ru. Render.ru, Evermotion.org.

In 2017, the work of the Traveler's Hut "Hut Adventurer" received 4 awards on Render.ru, CGVertex.com. Cglife.pro. VrayWorld.

If you want to see more works of Dmitri, just click on https://3dmitri.studio

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