Michael Bendus

747 Studios, Germany.

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Bendus (SHARben). For the past few years I have been working as a creative director at 747 Studios. During our time in the studio, we have made many interesting projects for such well-known brands as Walter Knoll, Rolf Benz, Siemens, BMW and others.

I started studying 3D graphics in 2003, after seeing 3DMAX for the first time. During three years of study and practice, I went to a good commercial level and since 2006 I began to focus on architectural visualization. 3D for me is not just a job, it’s also my hobby, it’s what I want to do every day. Each new project gives me the opportunity to improve my skills.

During my professional activities, I have won awards on sites such as Evermotion.org, 3denter.ru and Render.ru. Also, I not once took the first places in architectural competitions.

If you want to see more works of Michael, just click on sharben3d or on studio site 747 studios.

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