Vasiliy Chaban

VIARDE, Ukraine

By chance seeing the possibilities of three-dimensional editors, I devoted my life to this. Introduction to CG began about 20 years ago. At the moment, I manage a studio that specializes in developing visualizations for factories. Our company works directly with manufacturers of furniture, plumbing, lighting, finishing materials. This niche always interested me more than others, that's why I focused on it 6 years ago. Together with the team, we create marketing materials for world-famous brands, and also work with local manufacturers from the USA, Australia and New Zealand and Germany.

During my career in the sphere of CG I has received many awards. 3d Award at and, Editors choice Award at, the studio's work was selected by Chaos Group for their site's gallery.

If you want to see more works of Vasiliy, just click on Viarde official site, or on Behance.

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