Julian Sadokha

Suburbia, Ukraine.

Architect, CG artist and founder of the Suburbia studio.
Speaker at 3D visualization conferences
Judge in contests of architectural photography and visualization.

My story began in the city of Drohobych, where I was born and spent my childhood
In Lviv Polytechnic University he received an architectural education.
Already during studying, I was interested in architectural visualization, and a bit later I created Suburbia studio.

Since the beginning of our work, high quality standards have been put into operation. This is not just words, it's a value for which we all struggle in every project.

This was precisely one of the reasons why we now get great projects from around the world, namely the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, UAE, and most of our customers are becoming regular customers.
During our work, we have partnered with leading companies in the 3D industry, such as Design Connected.

Some of our renders are published in the architecture section on Behance, editors' choice on evermotion.org. We got the Award on render.ru.

"Our rendering is not just an image, it's an image with stories"

If you want to see more works of Julian, just click on Suburbia official site, or on Behance. Also in social networks Instagram and FB

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