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08 april 2023 year

Attention all creatives and 3D Artists! We are excited to announce the launch of our latest rendering competition with the theme of "Library"! Whether you're an experienced professional or a student just starting out, this competition is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity.

Create a stunning 3D rendering of a library that showcases your unique vision and style. It could be a modern or traditional library, a private or public one, a cozy or grand space - the possibilities are endless!

To participate, simply submit your entry by 8th May. Our esteemed panel of judges will evaluate each entry based on creativity, technical proficiency, and overall impact. The winners will receive 6000 credits for purchasing on, as well as the satisfaction of having their work recognized by their peers and industry experts.

So don't wait - start creating your masterpiece today and show us what you can do with the theme of "Library"!


1. Send us one of your best renders with a Library - Submit your work

2. Submitting a render, add a link to this work from your social networks or portfolio. This will help us to see if you are the true author.

3. Render resolution must be at least 1000 pixels on the smaller side.

4. 3D software must be used in the process of making your work. You can use any 3D software you want. Post-processing inside Photoshop or other 2D software is allowed. AI-generated images are forbidden.

You must submit your render from 17th April till 8th May 2023.

Till 14th of May Winners will be an announcement.


1st place 3000 credit pack for purchasing on

2nd place 2000 credit pack for purchasing on

3rd place 1000 credit pack for purchasing on


Dagmara Kowalik

CEO & Founder of The Digital Bunch

Fabio Palvelli

Creative Director of Elephant Skin. Co-founder d2conferences

Massimo Gnocchi

Architect. Founder of

Dmytro Revyakin

3Dmitri Studio. Founder of CG Award

To receive the credits, the winner must register on and provide us with the mailing address that will be specified during registration. All prizes provided are CG Textures.

For any questions and suggestions, write to us by mail at


1st place Niccolò Brovelli will get 3000 credits subscription for purchasing on

2nd place Yurii Maksym will get 2000 credit pack for purchasing on

3rd place Davide Scacco will get 1000 credit pack for purchasing on

2. Tanya Babich
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