Terms & Conditions

General Provisions

By using the site (all its sections as well as social networks) and participating in the contest, you agree to the terms and conditions of our community described on this page, as well as in case of non-compliance with these conditions, to deletion or ban. In all disputed points, the final decision remains with the administration of the resource.



1.1 Submission of render and voting is open from November 1 to November 30 of each year.

1.2 The number of renders from one participant is unlimited.

1.3 To upload your render for the contest, please login to your account.

1.4 The render must have a resolution of at least 1000 pixels on both sides.

1.5 You need to upload visualizations made by you, or by your studio. Your render will be deleted if it was not made by you or at the request of third parties who provided evidence for the following reasons: plagiarism, requirements of the copyright holder (in case the author posted the work without his consent).

1.6 The image should not be superimposed: text inscriptions, surnames, names, logos, names, and other.

1.7 Each uploaded render is checked for 1-2 working days and only then can it get into the gallery. In some cases, the verification may take longer. We do not send notifications with the results of the check.

1.8 By submitting the render to the competition, you agree to its possible use in the interests of the project. For example, for posters of the project in the social. networks or other resources, without attribution. But this does not mean commercial use of the participants' works.

2. Voting

2.1 Any user registered on the site can rate the work.

2.2 Evaluate the work adequately and fairly, do not forget that this is a visualization competition, not a design one. First of all, look at the quality of the graphics, on the model, lighting settings, or texturing.

2.3 Do not cheat with fake accounts, acquaintances, or friends, and do not underestimate competitors, we will see any fraud or inadequate voting, in which case the work will be removed from participation and the user will be deleted. But this does not mean that participants cannot advertise their participation in the competition anywhere. On the contrary, encourage everyone to vote and participate in the competition. This way you will get more ratings and support for the project. Most importantly, assessments must be fair.

2.4 Be careful when evaluating work. Gallery administrators may consider underestimating your 3 points for a work that already has a couple of fives. If you want to give this work 2 points less than the rest of the ratings, it is better to justify your rating in the comments under the work.

2.5 If your work was removed for dishonest voting, it cannot be republished.

3. Comments and Communication

3.1 In the comments to the render uploaded for the competition, a description of the work done, the object, etc. is allowed. Descriptions of an advertising nature link to a portfolio (we add a link to a portfolio to work in any case). Calls to violate the current legislation, statements of a racist nature, or disputes that incite ethnic hatred and religious hatred, as well as everything else, are prohibited.

3.2 In the comments under the works of the gallery, it is forbidden to distribute your resumes, announcements of vacancies in organizations, search for employees, links to external resources, uploading pictures. Placement of advertisements for the sale and purchase of software products, equipment, artwork, and other property. Posting messages that clearly contain advertising.

3.3 On all resources of the project, as well as on social networks, it is forbidden to speak in a rude and obscene form (impudently, biased) to the Administration, moderators, and users of the site or demonstrate it in any other way. Flame, flood, trolling in all its manifestations, as well as inciting disputes.

3.4 Statements and comments in any language are allowed on all project resources, as well as on social networks..

4. Publications in Social Networks

4.1 We publish all the works sent to the competition on our Instagram and Facebook accounts so that the author can attract even more people to vote for his works.

4.2 When publishing, we indicate the name of the participant as well as active links to the profile if privacy settings allow, as well as if the author's account exists and it is easy to find it on the network.

4.3 If you do not want your work to be published on social. networks, let us know about it in the comments to the work when uploading it to the site, or in any other way convenient for you.

5. Winner

5.1 The winner of the contest is determined by the results of users' voting on November 31 at 00 o'clock Kyiv time (UTC + 2-time zone).

5.2 The render who will have the biggest score will win.

5.3 If on November 31 at 00 o'clock there are two or more renders with the same highest score, then the competition is extended for another day until one winner is determined.

5.4 The winning work will be published on the winners page, as well as in our social networks.

Job board

1. Forbidden:

1.1 Mislead users or the site administration.

1.2 Create multiple accounts on the site, if in fact, they belong to the same employer or individual.

1.3 Place deliberately low-quality or false information.

1.4 Post ads offering jobs in areas other than 3D visualization and 3D graphics.

1.5 Post several resumes or vacancies, identical or differing only in the title.

1.6 In the titles and job descriptions, post information about more than one position.

1.7 Use the Job board to distribute advertising materials, including not posting under the guise of vacancies or resume offers to register on third-party sites, advertisements for job or personnel recruitment services, partnerships, and cooperation.

1.8 Publish insults, obscene language, and other materials that harm the Company or third parties.

1.9 Post information calling for the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the recognition of illegal administrative-territorial entities on the territory of Ukraine, containing the names, symbols, propaganda of separatist or terrorist organizations.

1.10 Post information on the site that may relate to the collection and storage of personal data about other users.

2. Responsibilities of the parties

2.1 The user agrees that he is fully responsible for the information posted by him on the Site, including for compliance with its legal requirements, copyright compliance, authorized use of company names, use of logos, signs for goods and services (trademarks), as well as for the observance of the rights of third parties in connection with the posting of information in the Job Board section. In case of receipt of claims from third parties related to the information posted by the User, the User undertakes to independently and at his own expense settle these claims.

2.2The User agrees to use the Job Board section by this agreement.

2.3 CG Award is not responsible for the content of materials published by Users in the Job board section. And also for causing harm, damage, and any other losses that may arise when using the "Work" section.

3. Allowed:

3.1 Change the cost and types of services, their duration.

3.2 Change the appearance of your ads (use headings, bulleted and numbered lists).

3.3 Edit or delete materials published by the User in the Job board section, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, harm the Company or third parties, as well as at their discretion without giving a reason.

3.4 Use for your purposes the materials published by the User in the section Job board and are in the public domain.

Telegram Chat

This Chat was created for CG Artists, Designer and Architects. Everyone else, please look for chats that match your topic.

When you first enter the chat, share a portfolio or social. networks. A guest who will ignore the requests of admins or other chat participants to share a portfolio or social. networks are blocked.

1. Allowed:

1.1 Search for a job and job offer.

1.2 Share interesting information about 3d graphics, Archviz and everything connected with it.

1.3 Offer and look for work related to Archviz.

1.4 Share your work, portfolio, social media.

1.5 Share ads regarding the sale and purchase of computer equipment.

1.6 Share your 3d models.

1.7 Invite new members to the chat.

1.8 Communicate in all languages.

2. Forbidden:

2.1 Biased and unsubstantiated statements that may be aggressive towards other chat participants. (Example - there is no God, etc.)

2.2 Share in chat stolen 3d models and textures. But it is allowed to ask and seek. You can transfer everything in private Chat.

2.3 Share stolen software, programs, etc. But it is allowed to ask and seek. You can transfer everything in private Chat.

2.4 Calls to violate the current legislation, statements of a racist nature or disputes, inciting ethnic hatred and religious hatred, as well as everything else that falls under the laws of Ukraine.

2.5 Statements in a rude and obscene form to the Administration of the Chat, moderators, and users of the chat or demonstration of this in any other way. Flame, flood, trolling in all its manifestations, as well as inciting quarreling.

2.6 Making fun of the level of knowledge of chat users.

2.8 Advertise, try to sell, impose to chat participants, software, or content that does not belong to the Archviz.

2.9 Advertise some leftist groups and pages that are not related to the archive.

2.10 Start topics about politics.

For violating chat rules - Ban!

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