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LotPixel is your source for high-quality digital 3D models and textures, boasting scans with up to 16K resolution created using photogrammetry, alongside a wide range of texture channels to elevate your 3D rendering and real-time projects.


Elevating 3D Realism. Explore a vast collection of meticulously crafted textures, models, and HDRIs, meticulously designed to bring unparalleled photorealism to your 3D renders, trusted and endorsed by a global community of leading 3D artists.

Nouvelle Mesure Lab

Nouvelle Mesure Lab: Crafting lifelike 3D environments, plants, and models. Our meticulous approach combines nature research with advanced technology, delivering optimized, user-friendly 3D creations. Explore realism with our detailed, authentic designs.


Renderpeople provides photorealistic 3D human models, offering a superior solution for populating 3D environments in various applications, from architectural visualization and visual effects to gaming and print media.

The Great Catalog

The Great Catalog is your go-to 3D Models Marketplace for Interior Design and Architecture, offering a vast array of top-quality models to elevate your projects, with daily free downloads and affordable Subscriptions, all compatible with 3ds Max and more.