Making of "The Farmhouse" in D5 Render by Figment Visual

24 august 2023 year

Figment Visual is an innovative architecture visualization studio, specializing in creating stunning 3D renderings and animations of projects. We are passionate about creating visuals that bring projects to life.

We, as a team, would like to thank cgawards team for giving us this opportunity to share our work and write for this blog about our recent visualization “The Farmhouse”.


This was a non-commissioned project of a farmhouse design I had designed few years back. We wanted to portray this project in a farm setting and experiment with camera angles and few lighting options.


The 3D model was made in Rhino and was pretty much detailed. We changed few materials in Rhino and added the modular farm ground in the foreground.

Making 3D modeling in D5 Render by Figment Visual

D5 Materials

Since it was a farmhouse, we used very earthy, warm and cozy materials such as rammed earth, wooden planks on façade and concrete for the slabs. We use D5 render for all our projects, which is a realtime RTX rendering engine. Hence many materials were used from its library, some were created from scratch.

Here are the material properties and previews for better understanding.

Making materials in D5 Render by Figment Visual


We’ve used the crops from new crops collection (We used 3 types of crops to give it a random and natural look) that was added in D5 Render 2.4 for our foreground farm. The background was populated with 3-4 broadleaf trees and few types of shrubs. Orchad plantation put on the left, while exploring the camera angles, which were still kept in the final shot.

For scattering these objects we used D5 scatter and line tool, random rotation and distance parameters.

Making trees and plants in D5 Render by Figment Visual

Lighting Setup in D5 Render

We explore different lighting setups for each shot, but ended up using an overcast sky. It was achieved by using the Cloudy-02 HDRI with a Custom Sky Backdrop Plane as shown. Sometimes we replace the sky post-production, but we decided to insert the backdrop to reduce the post-production.

Making light of scene in D5 Render by Figment Visual

Making light of scene in D5 Render by Figment Visual

Post Production

The final image was pretty much good, we blended some masks we generated from D5 (Lighting, Reflection, and AO masks). Added some fog and Vignette using the Depth mask. We always use Dodge and Burn layers to pop the subject into focus and direct the viewers to the main subject. The last step is to use Basic Camera Raw Filter to give a final touch. We hope that you will get a clear idea of the post-process from these snapshots.

Raw Render

Making light of scene in D5 Render by Figment Visual

PS work

Making light of scene in D5 Render by Figment Visual

Final Render

Making light of scene in D5 Render by Figment Visual

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