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Descover Studio
Artist Descover Studio
Title Corner at 38 Commerce St., New York
City Lviv
Info What is New York like? Exhaustive, addictive, diverse, inspiring, demanding, evolving, unforgettable, fast, crowded, magnetic, nervous, addictive, cosmopolitan, fashionable, frustrating, …. It is a city of discrepancies. Millions of people, even for a moment want to feel how it is to fall into the concrete jungle… Lower Manhattan - the central borough for business, culture, and government in New York City, where are such popular places as Wall Street, Ground Zero, Little Italy, Chinatown… But once you get a bit outside of the crowded streets, you can discover peaceful places, such as 50 Commerce St. We found inspiration from @helloiamnaz Instagram account. At Descover Studio our goal is that each image we deliver becomes for our clients a powerful, innovative and exceptional tool.
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Dell действительно сейчас заслуживают отдельной похвалы, качество цветопередачи просто невероятное. Но мне яркость у них не нравится, яркость 300 нит у практически бо

17.11.2021 13:45
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