Free Interior Scene in 3ds max and Corona Renderer

20 july 2020 year

Free studio interior scene made in 3d max and Corona Renderer. It will help beginners to raise the quality level of 3D visualization. If you have a bad render and are looking for how to improve it.

For the pros, it can be useful as a scene for a quick studio rendering, such as fittings or interior lighting items.

Platform: 3dsMax 2019

Render Engine: Corona Render

The scene is perfectly optimized for 3DMax and Corona. The settings of this scene can be applied as universal for your interior projects.

Free interior scene in 3ds max and Corona renderer

Author MIBS

Tips for Improving Rendering Quality in 3D Max

1. Optimizing the geometry of 3D models

In the process of modeling a 3D model, it is necessary to adhere to the minimum possible number of polygons. Because if a 3D model contains a lot of unnecessary polygons, this entails an increase in rendering time. Avoid mistakes in the geometry of the models, such as open edges, overlapping polygons. Try to keep the models as clean as possible.

2.Quality of Textures

The texture size should match the size of the model in the final render. For example, if you downloaded a texture somewhere with a resolution of 3000 x 3000 pixels, and the model to which you are applying it is in the background of the scene or has a very small scale, then the renderer will be overloaded with excessive texture resolution.

3. Correct lighting

An extremely important point. Try to always use physical lighting systems close to real ones, such as Daylight System, as well as Corona Sun and Sky, HDRI, and use Corona light with IES profiles as light sources in interiors. This will add realism to the scene since in this case, real algorithms for calculating light information will be used during rendering.

4. Scene scale

To get decent quality renders, the scale of the units in the scene is extremely important. Most often it is customary for us to work in centimeters. This not only allows for more accurate models but also helps with lighting and reflection calculations.


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