Anna Fedyukina

20 may 2020 year

1. Tell us about yourself. Why did you choose 3D graphics.

Hello to all! My name is Anna, and I'm a 3D artist from Lviv. My story began from childhood, I liked to draw. I can’t say that I had some special talent, but there was a desire to develop in this direction. Thanks to the parents who sent me to the art club, and then various courses in design and art, after which I was able to enter the Faculty of Architecture.

In the process of studying, I chose the direction of interior design, and already from 4 courses I worked in an architectural studio. At that time in Ukraine, the designer in the studio had to do everything: design development, 3D visualization, working drawings, selection of materials and more.

After 4-5 years of working in design studios and diverse experience, I realized that my favorite part of the project is 3D visualization.

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

(Sketches created in SketchUp + Photoshop, 2013)

2. How did you learn 3D visualization.

The first steps in 3ds Max were made when I studied at the university. This was my first 3D program, and I used it to create coursework and a diploma. It was a long time ago. Then there were no available lessons on youtube, and I studied in a regular printed book. I remember it was a book on version 5 of 3ds Max..

When I started working in interior studios, I had to switch to simpler 3D programs such as Microstation and SketchUp, as my colleagues simply did not work in 3ds Max.

But the desire to make more realistic renderings did not leave me, and in the evenings after work I continued to learn 3ds Max a little bit. Over time, she began to use the program for her interior projects.

Later, I decided to improve my skills and rendering quality, and took the YoRender course (now it's a Render Camp).

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

(Render created during the course YoRender, 3ds Max + V-ray, 2015)

3. Why did you choose freelance and not studio work.

I worked both in small architectural studios and in a large company (more than 300 people). But later she preferred freelance, and at the moment I work at home. I noticed that in this way I manage to do much more and work more efficiently, no one distracts. You can independently plan your time, and not depend on anyone. Well, probably the whole point is that I'm an introvert :)

4. Tell me how you are looking for clients. What are you focusing on at the same time?.

I have never looked for customers. They always found me themselves, through an online portfolio (Behance), and other Internet resources (instagram, facebook). Therefore, I think the most important thing is good work in the portfolio.

I also try to find time to create creative projects. In such projects, individuality and a non-standard approach are important. You need to create something that you have not seen in the portfolio of other 3D artists. Then they will notice you, and they will definitely not forget who the author of the render is.

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

5. Do you know foreign languages? Do freelancers need them today?.

English is a must. Knowledge of the language opens up enormous opportunities for a 3D artist, since you can work with foreign clients remotely.

For me, working on such projects is much more interesting and more profitable financially. Unfortunately, the attitude and payment for the services of a visualizer in the CIS leaves much to be desired. I hope CG AWARD UA succeeds in changing the situation in Ukraine.

6. Tell an interesting case in your career..

I recalled an unusual visualization request. I was contacted by the creative director of an American rapper to create an album cover. Most likely they were inspired by my work IMPRESSIONS. His idea was to visualize the exterior of a typical American diner of the 70s Dinner at different times of the day (sunset, evening, day).

We discussed the stages of work and the concept, but apparently I went too far in assessing the value of such pictures and the rapper disappeared ... Although I would really like to work on such a project.

Perhaps they turned to another 3D artist, and one of the colleagues did the work on the cover.

7. What kind of projects do you like to do the most?.

Projects in which there is a place for creativity. I am bored of working on projects where the terms of reference are too clear and there is no opportunity for experimentation.

When there is too much typical work, I’m surely looking for time to create personal, non-commercial projects, where I can fully show my creative potential.

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

8. Where are you looking for inspiration?.

For me, the main inspiration is nature. Nothing else gives me so much strength and desire to create. And when I feel a breakdown and apathy to work, I know that it’s time to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle, and to get in touch with nature.

If we talk about daily inspiration in the conditions of life in the city, then this is of course painting, music and the work of other talented designers and 3D visualizers.

9. Do you continue to improve your skills?.

Of course, without this it is impossible in our sphere. CG industry is developing very fast and we must stay on the wave.

I watch video master classes, read forums on 3D graphics. A little over a year ago I took a short lighting course from Santi Sanchez. Attended 3December conferences in Ukraine. Plans to attend D2 Conference in Austria.

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

10. What is a freelancer in Ukraine? Pros and cons.

If we compare the work of freelance with work in a studio in Ukraine, then in my experience freelance is a huge plus from a financial point of view. You can work remotely with different foreign companies, choose with whom it is more interesting and more profitable.

Cons (if it’s cons) is the need to discipline yourself and properly distribute working time.

11. Have you had any suggestions to go abroad to work? If so, why did you stay.

Yes they were. I worked in Moscow for three years. First, in the American company AECOM in the Moscow office, and then in a small architectural studio. After that I returned to Ukraine, and have been living here for three years.

During this time, proposals were received from the UAE, Australia and European countries. At the moment, I see no reason to move to another country, I feel comfortable in Ukraine. I really love my hometown of Lviv. Although I do not exclude the possibility that someday I will accept such an offer and go for new experience to another country.

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

12. How do you prefer to spend free time from work? Sports, travel.

I prefer to be more in nature and in the fresh air. Spend time with friends and family.

Working at a computer is a sedentary lifestyle, so sport has become a necessity for me. Yoga, pool, gym - two, three times a week .

13. What do you strive for in your work. What peaks, results?

My dream is to create a team of 3D artists to create beauty together. Work on larger projects. So far, unfortunately, I have not found people with whom I could work together. It is not so easy to find someone with whom you are on the same wavelength, and who will also be responsible for work.

Anna Fedyukina 3D render of interior exterior

14. Wishes, advices and parting words to the audience.

If we talk about 3D visualization as an art, then each artist should work on his non-repetitive style, find a non-standard approach to visualization (angle, play of light, color correction). Do not try to copy other artists. Do not stop there, continue to learn new things, and not only in the field of 3D graphics, expand your horizons.

I wish you delicious renders!

All Anna's works are available in her portfolio:

Anna's Instagram:

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