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3D Visualization and Rendering Services

3Dmitri Studio is a team of professional visualizers and 3D artists who are inspired and have a passion for creating visually inviting images. We create high-quality renderings for objects and presentations of projects. ...
Remote, Freelance
From 100$ per camera
3D Visualization and Rendering Services 3D Visualization and Rendering Services
ProRender Studio ProRender Studio

Vittorio Rolando

Architect trained at the Polytechnic of Turin, since 2010 he has undertaken a freelance career with various architecture firms and in 2014 he founded the Viro studio; a small team of young freelancers highly specialized in...
Full-Time, Part-Time, Remote, Freelance
300 € per image average price for interior renderings
Vittorio Rolando Vittorio Rolando
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