New features of SpeedTree 9.5: Elevating 3D Tree Modeling

06 august 2023 year

SpeedTree, a versatile 3D tree modeling program, has been a reliable industry staple for over two decades. Recently acquired by Unity, it continues to amaze with its ability to generate textured, wind-animated trees that shine in real-time applications as well as offline environments. Combining the power of procedural generation with intuitive manual editing, SpeedTree remains a top choice for professionals across various domains.

Presently, SpeedTree offers two distinct versions: SpeedTree Cinema, tailored for visual effects and full-length animations, and SpeedTree Games, optimized for interactive gaming experiences. Both variants boast essential components - the SpeedTree Modeler for creating intricate vegetation and the SpeedTree Library featuring a vast array of ready-to-use 3D trees. SpeedTree Games takes it a step further by incorporating the SpeedTree SDK for enhanced functionality.

One of the most exciting additions in SpeedTree 9.5 is the revolutionary "Projectors" feature. Leveraging ray tracing, Projectors add procedural details to models, projecting light rays onto the scene to create realistic and directional effects. Moss growing on one side of a tree trunk or snow delicately settling on branches from above can now be effortlessly achieved, adding a new dimension of authenticity to tree renders.

But the capabilities of Projectors don't end there. This innovative feature also facilitates the scattering of objects around the tree on the ground, as demonstrated in the video above. It opens up endless possibilities for creating lifelike scenes in both environmental and game development projects.

In addition to Projectors, SpeedTree 9.5 includes support for height maps in Leaf, Batched Leaf, and Frond generators. This significant improvement enables users to add finer details to specific sections of trees, streamlining the modeling process and eliminating the need for external software.

The drawing tools have also undergone notable enhancements, boasting new options such as brush size, falloff, and opacity fields. These refinements provide users with greater control and flexibility in achieving their desired tree designs.

SpeedTree 9.5 is a game-changer, revolutionizing 3D tree modeling with its impressive range of features and functionalities. As an essential asset for game developers, animators, and visualization artists, it continues to solidify its position as an industry-leading 3D tree modeling solution. Whether you're creating breathtaking game environments or realistic cinematic scenes, SpeedTree 9.5 empowers artists to breathe life into their digital landscapes like never before.

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