Satellite Stations by Karim Moussa

02 november 2022 year

Satellite Stations

Milan design week 2022

In a forest, the ground is never hard. Shoes sink into a soft layer of plant material, a fertile mixture of organic matter that helps the forest flourish. The trees nourish the humus, and the humus nourishes the trees. Why not believe that architecture too can be fertile? That manmade buildings can nourish the ground and the ground can nourish the buildings?

The Satellite Stations are small buildings, places for contemplation, greenhouses, stages and pavilions as compliments to living and built from wood that transforms into humus over the course of time.

I am super excited to be sharing with you our recently finished Film/animation Satellite Stations created for AMDL circle and Arch.Michele De lucchi, the project is part of their experimental projects (Earth stations)

The Film/Animation was displayed in this year Milan design week and got officially selected in multiple Architecture film festivals, we are incredibly grateful for this opportunity that AMDL circle and the awesome Arch.Michele gave us for such a unique/special project and design and the amount of the creative freedom we had was extremely inspiring.

I want to thank all the amazing teams that gave all their love, talent, experience and effort to make this project/film happen :)

Project by Michele De Lucchi - AMDL Circle

Film by Mozses

Directed by Karim Moussa

Music by Iz Svemira

Sound design by Odiseja Studio

Art directors - Ahmed Aref - Ahmed Hamied

Project Architect Emilio Mossa

Shooting - Supervision Mario Greco in collaboration with Videozone Milan

Animation by Nawras Ryhan

Satellite Stations

Satellite Stations

Satellite Stations

Satellite Stations

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