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16 january 2023 year

Not so long ago, designers created projects by hand, depicting the layout of rooms and their subsequent decoration. However, the development of technology has greatly simplified the process. Today there are programs for creating interiors and design. They speed up the process of working with the room, allow you to work out the space faster. The functionality of the utilities, their complexity differ significantly. To install a good program, you should study applications for interior designers.

Criteria for choosing applications for an interior designer

Today there are many programs for getting professional and amateur room designs. However, interior designers use different applications. Their choice depends on the specifics of the work. Usually, several specialists work on one project at once. Each of them needs their programs. They differ significantly from each other. When choosing the right one, you need to pay attention to:

  • Functionality. Programs with more features are preferred. They provide complete management of objects, allow you to find the best location for them. Additionally, the designer gets the opportunity to create unique furniture modules, personalize the object, change the print, upholstery of objects, select the textures of floor and wall coverings.
  • Display room design. Programs allow you to work in 2D and 3D. The second option makes it possible to obtain a more realistic result.
  • Cost of use. There are free programs, subscription apps, partially free utilities. Usually, software that is accessed for money has a lot of functionality.
  • Features of use. Developers create programs that can be installed on a phone or computer. The functionality of applications for PC is more.
  • The complexity of the interface, the system as a whole. There are programs designed for beginner designers who want to think over the interior of their apartment or develop skills after the start of training, and advanced professionals who are professional and work on complex objects.
  • Specialization. Developers create applications adapted for visualizers, draftsmen, project managers.

When choosing a utility, it is necessary to analyze all the criteria in the aggregate. So you can find a convenient program. Today, active work is underway to improve the software. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically study new applications, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages over the software used.

Apps for beginners and professionals

Most of the programs used by designers are installed on a computer. It is convenient to work with such utilities. They allow you to get a full-fledged professional project. Applications vary in level of complexity. There are programs for beginners and for professional designers.

The following programs are popular:

1. HomeStyler.

The program is designed for beginners. To understand the features of its use, you do not need to undergo complex training. The application is chosen for ease of understanding. The utility interface is intuitive. There is a Russian version. Using the program, the user will have the opportunity to experiment with the environment using branded products. It is possible to create a project from scratch, choose a finished project from the gallery and adapt it for yourself, choose the layout of the room and work on its basis.

HomeStyler app

2. Planner 5D.

Another simple program that is suitable for beginner designers. It was created by Russian developers. The utility also allows you to work with ready-made projects or create them from scratch. However, the list of available interior design products is limited. To get full access, you have to buy an extended version of the application. However, the main advantage of the utility over analogues is the ability to create projects in high HD quality.

Planner 5D app

3. AutoCAD.

The program is designed for drawing and developing projects. It allows you to get high-quality models, create tables, link drawings to graphics. The finished project can be immediately printed or saved in various formats. Any viewing angle is available. The application supports 18 languages. However, it will be too difficult for beginners who are just starting out in the field of design and engineering.

4. 3DSMax.

It is one of the most popular programs among professional interior designers. It allows you to create photorealistic paintings that make it possible to show the project to the customer without spending a lot of time explaining. Finished images are almost indistinguishable from real shots. However, the utility is difficult to master.

5. ArchiCAD.

This is a professional designer that allows you to draw walls in 2D and convert them to 3D.

Mobile apps with a brief description, pros and cons

Mobile apps for making collages usually do not allow you to create a full-fledged professional project. However, experts use them to visualize the idea quickly and show it to the client. For a novice designer, the programs will be an excellent base for training. The following utilities are popular:

1. Zillow.

The application allows you to get acquainted with the catalog of furniture and color schemes, select suitable options for the project, and estimate their approximate cost. The program contains a large number of pictures of real interiors. You can save your favorite photos. However, you can’t adapt the interiors for yourself, so the application is considered only as an option for getting inspiration.

Zillow app

2. Roomstyler.

A small program on the phone allows you to sketch a realistic 3D visualization quickly. Additionally, it is a social network for designers. Here you can follow the work of other specialists, exchange opinions, participate in competitions, and get inspiration. However, there is no Russian-language interface.

Roomstyler app

3. RoomScan Pro.

Using the application, you can create a detailed floor plan. However, you can get full access to the utility only after purchasing the paid version. HutQA. The program is useful if you need to make an estimate for building materials quickly. However, sometimes prices may differ from reality.

RoomScan Pro

4. HutQA.

The program is useful if you need to quickly make an estimate for building materials. However, sometimes prices may differ from reality.

5. IKEA Store.

In fact, this is an electronic catalog in which brand products are collected and presented in different real interiors. This is useful when planning repairs. However, it will not be possible to evaluate the offers of other stores.

Ikea app

Thus, the application market for designers is diverse. There are options for beginners and professionals. Programs are constantly being improved, so you need to periodically study applications for interior designers and stay tuned for updates. You can find paid and free versions.

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