Creating Realistic Sherpa Material in Corona Render

30 may 2023 year

Sherpa, with its soft and cozy texture, has become a popular choice for interior design, fashion, and various other applications. The ability to recreate this material realistically in digital rendering opens up a world of possibilities for designers and artists. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a lifelike Sherpa material using Corona Render. Whether you're working on architectural visualizations, product renders, or character design, mastering the art of Sherpa material creation will add an extra level of authenticity and visual appeal to your projects.

By following this small tutorial, you'll learn the techniques and settings required to fast achieve convincing Sherpa materials that emulate the intricate details and tactile qualities of the real fabric.

Note: This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of 3D modeling and the Corona Render software. Familiarity with material creation and rendering concepts will also be beneficial.

On this rended you can see the result that you will have with this material setting.

Maps that were used for this render

You can also use your similar maps.

Diffuse Map

Displacement Map

Material Settings

Using Subsurface Scattering make the material more realistic.

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