Community Meeting of CG Award in Kyiv

13 august 2021 year

On August 21, 2021, in Kyiv, at the "THIS IS Пивбар" restaurant, the community meeting of "CG AWARD UA" took place. The CG Award community meeting in Kyiv is a highly anticipated event among professionals and enthusiasts in the field of computer graphics. This gathering serves as a platform for artists, designers, and developers to come together, share their knowledge and experiences, and celebrate the achievements in the industry.

The attendees expressed their gratitude for the chance to meet and exchange ideas, even in a more limited format. The meeting provided a sense of unity and support among the participants, reinforcing the resilience and dedication of the CG community.

It was the first meeting of this kind. Due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold our exhibition of participants' works, and we are very pleased that we were able to gather people in this way.

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