Exhibition: "Architectural Visualization like Art." Announcement.

15 october 2019 year

One of the definitions of the word "Art" is a form of creativity, a way of spiritual self-realization of a person, through sensual-expressive means such as music, drawing, poetry, etc.

We believe that in the 21th century architectural visualization has the right to be called Art!

With the help of architectural visualization, it is possible to convey to the viewer the most interesting architectural forms and design ideas, the play of light and shadows, and all that we find difficult to catch in reality. Combining the art of photography and drawing, as well as a huge selection of technical capabilities, it gives us a completely new and unique product that can evoke emotions and feelings, inspire, and be worthy of the best galleries and museums in the world.

That is why we organized the exhibition «Architectural Visualization like Art» in Art Gallery, which will help us begin to showcase our activities at a higher level.

For the works presented on the exhibition, we selected only of the best visualizations sent by the participants to our contest “CG Visualization Award Ukraine” during the course of this year.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the first full-fledged exhibition devoted to architectural visualization in Ukraine. If you will be visiting Kyiv on these days you need to see it. Entrance is free.

We are artists and our works deserve the best galleries in the world!

The event was organized by the administration of the Award with the sponsorship of partners of the competition:


Place: Ornament Art Space Vasil Tyutyunnik (formerly Anri Barbyusa), 53 Kiev Call 067 924 8115

Opening of the exhibition on November 9, 2019 at 15:00

Dates: 9.11-23.11

Admission is free for all 14 days


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