GTAPR & Corona Contest

19 december 2019 year

GTAPR is proud to announce teaming up with the amazing Corona Renderer render engine in this next contest, with a 1 year free license of Corona Renderer for the winner!

What do you need to do? Everyone who purchases at least one GTAPR package through the following link* (add the link on the word here) will be automatically entered into a prize draw with the chance to win a 1 year Corona license.

GTAPR decided to add a twist to the 2019 Holidays and together with Corona Renderer is giving away one of the most powerful tools available for artists: a 1 year Corona license for a lucky winner!!! The license is available for 3d Max or Cinema 4d and the contest starts today, the 19th of December, and lasts until the 19th of January 2020.

GTAPR is the book that gradually became the voice of the industry and is an important landmark for artists. In it you will find 9 interviews with 9 world renowned artists that create stunning architectural and product visualizations. To top it off, in the package for the contest, you will find 7 3d scenes created by 7 of the 9 artists who gave their models, textures, and essentially the entire 3d file, to be studied and used.

Corona Renderer is the powerful CPU render engine that gained weight in recent years due to its simplicity and its promise to work with default settings in over 98% of the cases.

That, along with the great renders created by the artists all over the world, rapidly made Corona a powerful tool for rendering, but that also handles many of your post-production needs through editing the image in the VFB or Corona Image Editor.

To summarise, this Holiday season you have the chance to get 2 amazing tools to help you optimize your workflow and take your images to the next level. Don't forget, everyone purchasing one or more packages from here* (add the link on the word here) will be entered into the prize draw!

Good luck to you all!

*link -

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