HDRI SKYDOMES V from VIZ Park is out

10 february 2021 year

HDRI Skydomes V is the fifth collection of 10 panoramic 360° images in HDR and EXR-format to be used as light dome and spherical environment background in 3d scenes. All of the included skydomes have a resolution of 20k (20.000 x 10.000 pixel) and exposure ranges from 12 – 20 EVs for sharp shadows and accurate lighting. Each skydome includes a set of backplates at 7k resolution.

High Exposure Value range for optimal lighting, reflection and sharp shadows

All skydome images were taken with a high-end fisheye lens, using special filters for best quality and low distortion. Exposure ranges between 12 EV (cloudy sky without sun) and 20 EV (clear sky with sun).

Alternative backgrounds for your scenes

HDRI Skydomes IV includes 119 backplates of skies (between 9 and 14 for each sky) taken at the same time from different angles. All backplates have a resolution of 7k as DNG (Digital Negative) files, good for even hires renders and color adjustments.


  • .HDR and .EXR for all compatible 3d applications
  • .DNG (Digital Negative) for alternative backgrounds


  • 10 360° panorama skydomes with high dynamic range
  • HDRI resolution: ~ 20.000 x 10.000 pixel
  • Dynamic Range: 12 – 20 Exposure Values
  • 119 backplate sky photos (7k each)
  • File Formats: Radiance (.HDR) and OpenEXR (.EXR), .DNG for backplates


HDRI SKYDOMES V from VIZ Park is out

HDRI SKYDOMES V from VIZ Park is out

HDRI SKYDOMES V from VIZ Park is out

HDRI SKYDOMES V from VIZ Park is out

HDRI SKYDOMES V from VIZ Park is out

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