What You Need to Know About the New Pinterest Algorithm

10 december 2021 year

There are so many changes to the Pinterest algorithm for 2020 that it has caused a lot of stress and confusion for many bloggers and business owners who use the platform to increase their online visibility and gain new followers and clients.

Many people have noticed that since Pinterest made changes to its algorithm, it has resulted in a significant drop in monthly views, saves, and clicks.

What You Need to Know About the New Pinterest Algorithm

Welcome to the new Pinterest 2.0

On one of her monthly calls, Megan Williamson (one of the most famous names on Pinterest) coined the term "Pinterest 2.0". Gone are the days of adding an image to Pinterest with a few keywords (if any) and Pinterest sending you a million views per month to your website.

Pinterest changes you need to know about

Like Instagram, Pinterest took notice of the thousands and thousands of reviews and data from its users and made some pretty big changes.

While Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is actually a search engine. Therefore, if we are using Pinterest to grow our business and attract new customers, we need to use a platform like Google search.

If you use Pinterest for your business and notice a dramatic change (decrease) in your reach (impressions, saves, and outbound clicks), it's because Pinterest has taken into account the feedback received from users who want to use the platform in a way that ultimately increase sales.

Idea Pins

Idea Pins is a way for creators to share their unique stories and ideas with their audience in a way that is engaging, inspiring, and allows creators to build and shape an engaged community.

Now, when you want to post content to Pinterest, you have the option to create Idea Pins with up to 20 slides, which can be a mix of videos, static images, text, and photos.

PPinterest said it was looking for a way for creators to share more behind the scenes of their life, business, or both, and many creators have said they've seen a dramatic increase in engagement, comments, and the like.

What You Need to Know About the New Pinterest Algorithm

However, as amazing as idea pins are, they lack the ability to direct your audience to your website, landing page, or product page, which has made many business owners and bloggers very frustrated. Driving traffic to your website is one of the main reasons people use Pinterest. So what's so special about Pinterest that now doesn't give you the option to link?

Well, the point is, Pinterest wants your audience to be more interested in your content, and the best way to do that is to keep them on the platform (or in your account) for as long as possible. If you keep your audience in your account longer and they are intrigued by what you have to offer, they will be more inclined to click through to your site and check out what you have there. The debate about this is being carried out by bloggers and business owners, but the truth lies in the analytics. Those creators who truly open up their world to their audience tend to see higher engagement and traffic analytics than those who don't.

The fact is, Idea Pins isn't going anywhere, and Pinterest is committed to continuing to improve the performance of Idea Pins. Nowadays, right now with Idea Pins, they rank just like static pins in search; they never stop showing up and continue to build your brand awareness. However, some of the downsides are that you can't use Idea Pins for Promoted Ads, nor can they be uploaded to Tailwind as a Story Pin, but this may change in the near future.

Pinterest Shop feature

If you notice, that Pinterest now has a tab with a "Shop" feature.

Pinterest has acknowledged the growth in demand for in-app shopping, which allows users to shop for current items at retail stores.

Thanks to the data Pinterest knows about its users, the platform reaches about 77% of women aged 25 to 54 in the US

What You Need to Know About the New Pinterest Algorithm

84% of Pinners use Pinterest to get to know the product or service they want to buy. Therefore, Pinterest is trying to take the lead in order to improve the experience of its users on the platform.

Pinterest is starting to focus more on e-commerce (or, in many cases, Pinterest wants you to choose their platform if you want to make a purchase).

Pinterest analytics

Many business owners overlook this step, mainly because they don't understand what exactly they are looking for. Pinterest wants you to look at your stats more with the new changes. This will help you understand your audience.

As small business owners, we need to review our data quarterly or monthly to understand our business environment and our efforts better.

Pinterest analytics terminology has changed lately, and this is something to keep in mind as you advance your marketing strategy.

If you go to the Pinterest Analytics >> Overview tab, you can select a date range within 30 days or from the first of the last month to the first of the next month to keep track of changes.

What You Need to Know About the New Pinterest Algorithm

Here are some general Pinterest analytics to keep in mind:

1. Impressions

This measures the number of times your Pins have been shown on screen to someone in your audience. High impressions indicate that your Pins are well received, trending, or that your keyword strategy is aligned with the Pinterest algorithm.

2. Save

Save is the number of times someone has saved your Pin to his or her boards. The more saves, the better your content is for Pinterest.

3. Outgoing clicks

Outbound clicks (formerly referred to as link clicks) show the number of clicks you received on your Pin's URL. If you have a good click through rate, it tells you that your content is resonating with your target audience and that your calls to action are working if you consider conversion as one of your main goals.

4. Engagement

Engagement on Pinterest is seen as the most important task with new algorithm changes. Engagement is a measure of how many times someone has clicked or saved your Pins. Now this is important because Pinterest wants to see that your content is well received on the platform. If so, they are more likely to distribute your content to the right audience and increase your brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Importance of Fresh Pins

Once you've taken a look at your Pinterest account and gathered the basic information detailed in the Account Audit Roadmap, take another look at your Pin designs.

Pinterest defines a fresh pin as a new image or video that has not been uploaded or viewed by AI (artificial intelligence).

For example, Pinterest will see a new blog post or product page with a new URL as "fresh", so the newer or "fresh" your content is, Pinterest will prioritize it for distribution.

What You Need to Know About the New Pinterest Algorithm

In addition to this, Pinterest also considers new Pin images to be considered "fresh" content, even if they come from an older blog post you've previously published - hence you're providing new fresh Pins to already existing blog posts that will have your new subscribers.

Duplicate content on Pinterest should also be mentioned, as this practice of posting the same content on multiple boards is currently viewed negatively by Pinterest.

This old practice is treated as spamming by Pinterest and you risk losing followers.

All of this means that the importance of new, fresh content is critical to your Pinterest strategy.

If you're serious about improving your Pinterest growth and reach and looking for new Pinterest templates for your content.

Focus less on group boards and more on your own

In conclusion, it is important to constantly monitor what works with your marketing strategy if you really want to grow, go viral, sell your products, or book our services. If you're set on growing your Pinterest marketing, be sure to focus on:

  • Create fresh pins for our new blog posts, pages or products
  • Looking at our Pinterest and Google analytics
  • Evaluation of what works and where it can be improved
  • Recognizing that changes in social media are inevitable, but these changes will provide our audience with a better user experience to increase engagement and grow our brand and business.
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