New features in Autodesk 3ds Max 2022

16 august 2021 year

The new version of 3Ds Max 2022 has been released as part of a comprehensive update to the Media and Entertainment suite, with Maya in the first place. 3Ds Max 2022 updates popular modeling tools, several modifiers, makes changes to the security mechanism, and modernizes the 3Ds Max to Arnold plugin. Let's take a closer look at what's new in 3Ds Max 2022:

  • 3Ds Max to Arnold has been redesigned once again and now supports new post effects nodes that can be seamlessly transferred to Arnold.
  • Smart Extrude has 2 new features: when extruding inward the model, you can cut the mesh until it merges with the opposite chamfers, forming holes. When pulled outwards, the mesh is stretched and stitched to the base geometry of the model.
  • The Slice modifier received the Radial Slice setting, which now makes it possible to cut with one modifier along the X, Y, Z axes at once. Previously, you had to use 3 separate modifiers to achieve a similar result.
  • An interesting Relax modifier has been redesigned and received a Preserve Volume setting, which allows you to quickly clean up noisy models without the risk of losing significant volumetric details. The main application is cleaning scans and increasing the overall speed of working with them in combination with other retopology tools.
  • Protection against harmful scripts has been improved and integrated into 3Ds Max itself. Malicious scripts are automatically detected and destroyed when the scene is loaded.
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