Gigapixel AI: How to Enlarge Images and Improve Image Quality

19 may 2021 year

What is Topaz Gigapixel AI?

The ability to enlarge photos and textures without losing quality has been a problem for many photographers and 3d artists, but now, finally, there is a good solution.

Gigapixel AI is an image editor that uses artificial intelligence to magnify images. Up to 600% without noticeable loss of quality. It offers batch processing and proprietary photo enhancement technologies to provide simple, effective, and powerful means of enlarging a photo's original size up to 6x.

It also supports automatic face detection, which allows you to enlarge portraits and group photos while maintaining detail and sharpness. .

The latest update v5.2 contains a number of interesting new features and improvements:

  • New AI model - "compressed" for photos with a lot of artifacts, old family photos, and images downloaded from the Internet.
  • A complete update of the user interface to make it look clearer
  • Crop images with the new crop tool
  • Faster viewing and saving of images

Topaz Labs develops a range of photo editing software - you can purchase either product separately or you can buy a suite of utilities that includes various powerful image editing programs: Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, JPEGtoRAW AI, and Gigapixel AI.

Gigapixel ai system requirements

Processor: Intel multi-core or better, Xeon or AMD equivalent.

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit only); macOS version 10.12 (Sierra) and higher

RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended, 32 GB optimally)

Hard disk space: 4 GB or more recommended

Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 display

Graphics drivers and OpenGL 3.3 or newer

Intel: i5 or equivalent (3.0 GHz or faster). Intel i7 or faster (4 GHz or faster) recommended.

AMD: Ryzen 5 or Equivalent (3.0GHz or faster). Ryzen 7 or higher (4 GHz or higher) recommended.

NVIDIA: 2 GB VRAM minimum (GT 740 or higher); The recommended requirement is 4 GB of video memory (GTX 970 or more); The optimal requirement is 8 GB of video memory (GTX 1080 or more).

Interface and usage

The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. It will take you just a few minutes to complete a series of logical steps and understand how Gigapixel AI works. .

1. Run the program

Gigapixel AI: How to Enlarge Images and Improve Image Quality

2. Drag the file you want to the Gigapixel window

Gigapixel AI: How to Enlarge Images and Improve Image Quality

3. Click the Start button (in the lower right corner)

Gigapixel AI: How to Enlarge Images and Improve Image Quality

4. Wait for the end of converting and save the new enlarged file. By default, Gigapixel quadruples everything, but you can change this value before starting the conversion.

There is no doubt that Gigapixel AI is incredible software that any photographer or 3d artist can benefit from. You get an image enhancement tool that can enlarge your images and textures to significant sizes. In doing so, its artificial intelligence technology eliminates unwanted noise and softness like never before. Topaz Labs develops a variety of photo editing programs, each of which is available separately for about the same price.

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