How to Choose a Computer Mouse for Work

25 october 2019 year

What could be special about a computer mouse? Take any and work. In fact, different models have a lot of features.

Now we can write like this: mouse. And in former times, editors of the media demanded that the official name of this device be used, namely: “a mouse-type manipulator”. Can you imagine a modern computer manual in which this very “manipulator” is found through a word?

But these are all jokes. Seriously, is a mouse, for example, needed for a laptop? Yes, in some cases it is necessary. And although the bulk of the work on the “laptop” can be done without a mouse, sometimes it takes a lot of actions that require a firm hand and high accuracy. In such a situation, a “good” mouse is usually used. How to choose a computer mouse so that it turns out to be good?

First mouse

In the last century, they were exclusively ball-shaped. That is, constructively, the mouse was a device inside which the ball rotated. Sensors were pressed to the latter, taking readings. Now nobody uses such models. The reason for this is the presence of a significant drawback, consisting in the rapid accumulation of dirt on their moving parts. Those who happened to work with such a “tractor” probably still recall how often they got a ball out of it and washed it with soap.

Optical models

Today, mauses do not have moving elements inside. Laser and LED models illuminate the surface of a table or rug, and sensors capture data on the movement of the mouse. The advantages of laser models can be felt on hilly surfaces, when you have to work not at the table, but in “field” conditions. Where the LED refuses to work, the laser mouse will not lose its functionality.

Sensitivity and DPI

Dots per inch - this is the abbreviation for this abbreviation. And it translates as "the number of dots per inch." Higher DPI mice have higher sensitivity and even track microscopic movements. Sensitivity is changed in the settings of the operating system. But some models have an additional button, clicking on which changes the DPI. For work in office programs, it is recommended to set 800 DPI. As for games, they usually require a more sensitive device. Today you can buy such a computer mouse in any specialized store.

Response time

This important characteristic determines the period of time after which the system requests data about the position of the mouse. Agree that waiting a whole second would be extremely uncomfortable. Even one tenth of a second is a pretty tangible time. What should be this parameter? If you have to choose a mouse for games, then keep in mind that the standard response time for gaming models is one millisecond.

Type of connection to a computer

Previously, the mouse was connected exclusively through the PS / 2 port, but now for this purpose, USB has become universal. Wired mice are also available. Until recently, users said that such models are not suitable for games. However, devices of the latest generations have the same 1 ms response and work without any complaints. It is possible that a wired computer mouse will soon be difficult to buy.

Additional buttons

A modern mouse has two keys between which there is a scroll wheel. As for game models, they differ from the standard ones by the presence of a number of additional buttons. One of them usually changes the DPI value, which is very convenient for shooters. If you have to make precise movements, then it would be wiser to choose a computer mouse with such a useful button.

Coverage type

You can hold the mouse in many ways. The first one is a grip with your fingers, in which the bottom of the palm is on the table. The second method is similar to the first with one exception - the palm is raised above the table. In the third version, the palm covers the mouse. Which method is right for you, only you can determine. It all depends on habits and preferences, so you just need to first figure out which grip is more convenient for you. Keep in mind that more expensive models are designed for different grip methods.

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