The Best Ultrawide Monitor of 2022

02 january 2021 year

Unlike regular widescreen monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the best ultrawide monitors offer much more possibilities for desktop computers due to their wider 21:9 aspect ratio.

This aspect ratio allows you to have multiple applications open on the screen simultaneously and also enables you to view numerous documents and more. In older models, to achieve such workspace, you had to connect two (or more) monitors to your PC, which was expensive and inconvenient. Instead, with a single ultrawide monitor, your desk won't be cluttered with multiple monitors, and you won't have to deal with cable confusion to connect everything.

Thanks to the ultrawide screen formats and resolutions, ultrawide monitors provide significantly more horizontal pixels. Unlike the option of using two monitors that divides the space on the desktop with bezels right in the middle, an ultrawide monitor offers a unified, wide, and seamless desktop space.

Before we begin, let's consider various factors you should consider when choosing the best ultrawide monitor. Below I will describe what you should be guided by when selecting the best monitor.

Ultrawide Monitor or Regular - Which One to Buy?

Which monitor is more suitable for graphic design, and which one for video editing? The best ultrawide monitor: what to look for? Find the answers to these questions below.

The most common and convenient size for an ultrawide monitor is around 34 inches, with the largest offered screens being even wider at 49 inches. If you are considering purchasing a massive monitor, you should think about having a large desk to accommodate it.

In terms of resolution, WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) would be suitable, which provides a pixel count of 2560x1440 and a wide 21:9 aspect ratio. Generally, the larger the screen, the higher the resolution. Some of the best ultrawide monitors offer additional features such as picture-in-picture or side-by-side, allowing you to connect multiple sources (e.g., two computers or a computer and a tablet) to a single display.

Another potential issue with ultrawide monitors is that the screen is so wide that the edges will slightly exceed your peripheral vision when you sit at a normal working distance. To solve this problem, most ultrawide monitors are slightly curved at the edges, subtly bending the image to bring it back into your field of view. The effect works very well and makes working on an ultrawide monitor much more enjoyable.

Ultrawide monitors vary depending on panel technology and features. Ultrawide displays generally look very good with vertically-aligned (VA) panels, but crisper, brighter, and considerably more expensive with in-plane switching (IPS) panels.

Displays of all shapes and sizes now come with a range of additional features such as 4K screens, high-precision displays, and gaming displays with fast refresh rates (some up to 144 Hz), low latency, and adaptive sync technology, making them suitable for all types of desktop use, from watching movies to graphic design tools.

While 21:9 is the most common ultrawide aspect ratio, there are even wider monitors with an enormous 32:9 aspect ratio. They offer even more workspace, but they are also more expensive and take up more space on your desk.

Best Ultrawide Monitors of 2022

Asus Designo Curve MX38VC


The best ultrawide monitor for creatives

Screen size: 49-inch | Panel Type: TFT VA | Aspect Ratio: 32:9 | Resolution: 3840x1080 | Brightness: 450 cd/m² | Response Time: 4 ms | Viewing Angle: 178/178 | Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz

If bigger is better for you, then the Asus Uber, ROG Strix XG49VQ, is truly excellent. It features a 49-inch premium-class curved LCD panel with an incredible 32:9 aspect ratio. In person, this monitor looks absolutely stunning.

On paper, it offers a powerful set of features, especially considering its gaming focus. First, it has support for FreeSync 2 HDR, DisplayHDR 400 certification, and a 144 Hz refresh rate.

However, the resolution is relatively modest considering the huge panel size. The resolution of 3840x1080 pixels is significantly lower compared to the Philips Brilliance 499P9H, another 49-inch ultrawide monitor. But then Asus is targeting a different audience, specifically gamers for whom refresh rate may be more important than pixel count.

LG 35WN65C-B

35" LG 35WN65C

Great for gaming and work

Screen size: 35-inch | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Resolution: 3440x1440 | Response Time: 5 ms | Panel Type: TFT VA

Taking all the features of this display into account, we can say that the LG 35WN65C-B is a superbly balanced curved ultrawide monitor that is perfect for both work and gaming, thanks to its high refresh rate. However, due to the VA panel, it is not the best option if you require image quality and color accuracy for your work. In that case, the LG 24QP500-B is a good alternative.

Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Superb ultramodern gaming at 120 Hz with G-Sync

Screen size: 34-inch | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Resolution: 3440x1080 | For whom: gamers, design professionals, and 3D graphics

Alienware, one of the most renowned hardware brands for high-performance and expensive gaming laptops and desktops, shifted its focus to ultrawide displays with the AW3420DW, developing a specification that is excellent for gaming. It's a 34.1-inch display with an IPS panel, 21:9 aspect ratio, and a WQHD resolution of 3440x1440, ensuring excellent image quality on your desktop.

Gamers will be particularly interested in the 120 Hz refresh rate and G-Sync adaptive sync technology for incredibly smooth animation with Nvidia graphics cards. Furthermore, the 4 ms response time is one of the lowest on an ultrawide display, further enhancing its gaming capabilities.

Acer Predator Z35P

Acer Predator Z35P

Magnificent, affordable G-Sync display with 100 Hz refresh rate

Screen size: 35-inch | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Resolution: 3440x1440 | Response Time: 4 ms | For whom: gamers, people who love industrial design

With the Acer Predator Z35P, Acer continues to explore impressive equipment design. The stand on this ultrawide monitor resembles a twisted piece of metal from a science fiction spaceship, and the 34-inch curved screen provides excellent gaming performance.

It offers a 100 Hz refresh rate, which provides a significant boost compared to the usual 60 Hz we're all accustomed to, along with native G-Sync technology for tear-free gaming with GeForce graphics cards. The connectivity options include the standard array of DisplayPort, HDMI, and a USB hub, with image quality that reaches 100% sRGB coverage, making this display suitable for regular computing tasks as well.

Xiaomi 34 Surface Display (XMMNTWQ34)

Xiaomi 34" Surface Display (XMMNTWQ34)

Ultrawide viewing for full immersion

Screen size: 34-inch | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Resolution: 3440x1440 | Panel Type: SVA

The Xiaomi 34" Surface Display allows for immersive gaming experiences. It features a curved 34-inch IPS display with a resolution of 3440x1440 pixels, a 144 Hz refresh rate, 178-degree viewing angles, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. With a brightness of 300 nits and a contrast ratio of 3000:1, the display delivers excellent shadow detail and smooth transitions between colors of different brightness and saturation. It covers 121% of the sRGB color space.

FreeSync technology optimizes communication between the processor and the monitor, eliminating delays and image distortion for smoother gameplay. The use of DC technology intelligently adjusts brightness, effectively reducing screen flickering and eye strain for maximum viewing comfort.

The monitor features a slim bezel and a matte polyurethane enamel finish. The ergonomic stand allows you to adjust the position and orientation of the display according to your specific tasks or personal preferences.

It includes two HDMI 2.0 video outputs, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, and an audio input.

AOC Agon Curved Ultrawide

AOC Agon Curved Ultrawide

Excellent gaming alternative

Screen size: 35-inch | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Resolution: 3440x1440 | Response Time: 4 ms | For whom: gamers who want higher resolution

With Nvidia G-Sync for stutter-free gaming, the AOC Agon AG352 is our gaming choice. Once again, this display is smoothly curved, and it features a couple of AOC technologies to enhance gaming colors and shadows. The stand is also height-adjustable. The back of the screen has a striking "winged" design, so it may not appeal to everyone. It's a bit of a quirky combination, as the front of the display looks rather utilitarian.

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