Artificial Intelligence in Modern Art

01 may 2023 year

Art can be created not only by humans, but also by robots. Artificial intelligence in art is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. Human abilities are no longer rare and unique, because almost everything we do can now be performed by artificial intelligence. Somewhere, human labor is even worse than work of robot, because a human does not have the same accuracy.

The only superiority of people over robots is that a person has unlimited imagination and can create something that no one has seen yet. A person also puts much more into the work than just the movement of paint; a person can create his own story in the paintings. However, people do not have to fight robots, because new technologies can help a person to realize their ideas.

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Art

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How does artificial intelligence create paintings and photographs?

Neural style transfer, Generative Adversarial Network and Creative Adversarial Network are used to create art. Neural style transfer is a class of software algorithms that manage images and change the image to fit the desired style.

In other words, the picture changes to the desired mood, it can be a picture or a photograph, and you can change the image using the application on your phone. A Generative Adversarial Network consists of two neural networks, one of them performs the function of generation, and the other network finds correct and incorrect patterns.

Another application is that this algorithm can improve low quality photos. The Creative Adversarial Network works differently, two signals are sent to the generator, the first is exactly the same as in the Generative Adversarial Network, and the second determines how strongly the image relates to some style. There is an AI project that focuses on sculpting 3D models, people can control the sculpting process, but no one can predict the result, it always turns out different and interesting.

The formation of AI was ready through the process of education; rewards were given for correct movements, and punishment for mistakes. Artificial intelligence also began to invent music; it works in such a way that the neural network analyzes the music and creates something similar on this basis.

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Art

Image Credit: The Stargazing Sandman by snapcasey

How do new technologies affect people's creativity?

People use new ways of creating, because it simplifies the work and makes it more accurate. There is digital art that you can often see now. Computer graphics create or edit images; hypertext fiction and net art are created. With the help of artificial intelligence, people earn money and create new art that breaks stereotypes. Technology makes people's lives easier and more difficult at the same time. Each new invention needs to be mastered, understood how it works and be able to interact with it. When artificial intelligence is better attuned to creating art, it will be able to create art that would be difficult for a human to make.

For example, if we talk about 3D modeling, then artificial intelligence will be able to sculpt huge objects according to a person's idea. In technology, you can find benefits that will provide you. In 2016, a Chinese company completed the world's tallest 3D printed building. The layers of the building are fiberglass, steel, building waste and cement. They created a five-story house printed by a huge six-meter printer. The material of the house is quite good, it is resistant to earthquakes. This project saved money and time, and required fewer people to build.

The reduction of people during such construction means that only the best builders will be selected, and the rest will simply not be taken. Because of such technologies, people will be left without work, but professions may disappear, it has already been and will be. This company continues to build mansions and sell them for small prices for such work. AR technologies help a person, for example, it can be used in design or when choosing shoes. The principle of work is that you bring virtual things into the real world, use this to see if this or that idea suits you. This saves you time and money, instead of putting furniture in different corners of the room and going to the store to try on shoes, you just do it from your device.

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Art

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Artificial intelligence in culture

Artificial intelligence creates a new culture, people start creating their masterpieces differently and they are sold for other money. Artificial intelligence affects many areas of people; we can no longer imagine our life without modern technologies. Philosophy deals with several questions about new technologies, among them thinking about how to create new things and whether it is possible to do it today.

Another question is how these technologies will affect the world and human activities. Due to the invention of artificial intelligence, the new culture is spreading to different forms of art as an idea. We see a large number of films where robots become "in charge", and people obey them, or films in which life is shown in a completely modern world where almost everything is possible.

Some utopias are shown, as if dreaming that in the distant future we will create the impossible. Writers are inspired by what is happening around and on the basis of this; works are created, in the plot of which there are new scientific discoveries and a completely different world. In such plots of literature and cinema, a person is shown to be different; he has other values and goals in life. Thus, artificial intelligence changes our consciousness and creates a new culture.

The Dark At The End of Everything by iSoldierofGod

Image Credit: The Dark At The End of Everything by iSoldierofGod

Artificial Intelligence and Modern Art

There is an online gallery that sells paintings created by artificial intelligence and the gallery earns over a million dollars. In 2018, the first painting created by artificial intelligence was sold. It was "Portrait of Edmond Belamy" and sold for $ 432,500. The "Belami family" was drawn, which is a fiction, but the developers received quite real amounts from these paintings.

Before that, in 2017, they sold a painting created by the AICAN program. The painting cost $ 16,000. As for literature, the neural network is capable of creating poems and even anecdotes, they are not ideal for human consciousness, but they can be taken as a basis and finalized.

Music can be created on the basis of mathematics. In 2019, Warner Music signed algorithm artist Endel. The algorithm is able to create different music, depending on the needs. In China and Korea, concerts by virtual performers are popular.

Dreamed place in the style of Sebastian Luca by aubin

Image Credit: Dreamed place in the style of Sebastian Luca by aubin

The Art of stealing

Kim Leutwyler says that the Lensa neural network steals fragments of artists' images. When viewing the avatars that the service makes, you can often see fragments of the work of artists, including the work of Kim Leutwyler. She believes that compensation should be paid for this, as this is a copyright infringement.

Lensa respond to this by not stealing the works of artists in any way, but simply taking their works as a model, as real artists do when they are inspired by their favorite authors.

The artists also staged a boycott on the largest platform ArtStation. But the platform will not prohibit the upload of images, but will provide control over the placement of works. So they went to meet the artists and did not stop the development of artificial intelligence in this area.

Inna Anisimova said that artists will use the #NoAI tag, which prohibits the use of their work. In 2022, a painting that was generated by the Midjourney program won the fine art competition. But this picture was created not only by artificial intelligence, but also by a person, a person gave a description and worked on improvement for a long time.

It is possible that someday such use of paintings will be prohibited. Naturally, artists are in favor of banning neural networks, because it is completely unprofitable for the authors of the paintings. You can talk about the pros and cons of the ban, but now you can use it.

Neural network services where you can create an image according to your request


MidJourney AI Tool

This neural network has already been mentioned above; you can use this service for free 25 times. This network creates images based on a text query; the picture is obtained in high resolution and can be used for their sites.

How to use Midjourney:

First, go to your Discord account, and then go to MidJourney. You can work through the midjourney Discord server, where channels for beginners will open for you, or you can add them to your server. Then enter commands in messages, you need to do this in English. To create an avatar using this neural network, you need to enable Remix mode and provide a link to the image. To combine two images together, you also need to use Remix mode, but specify a link not to one image, but to two images.

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO

In this service, you can create pictures by choosing a style yourself. Pictures can be made by text request or by your own reference.

How to use Dream:

Select the style you want, then select a photo and click "create".

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion

In this neural network, you can generate a picture, replace an object in the picture and finish the finished work. Here you can create a sketch, and the neural network itself will finish the rest.

How to use Stable Diffusion:

Enter a request in the field and create specific settings for your image. You can edit the width and height of the image, the number of ready-made images and the level of exact match to the request. The Inpaint function will help to finish the image, to do this, you need to select the area where you want to finish painting, and then you need to write in the line what you want to see on the selected area. You can also upload your own picture, which will be inserted into the selected area.



The neural network creates pictures based on text, there are additional options and it is possible to choose a style. You can look at other people's work in this service, when there are no ideas at all, there will be an opportunity to look at something and push yourself to an idea.

How to use Starryai:

Enter text, select image style and size. If you want to use altair, then click on the icon and write a request.



Converts queries in English into pictures, there are 9 pictures in total.

How to use Craiyon:

As with other neural networks, the first thing to do is enter text. You will be provided with images that you can enlarge and save.

In order for the picture to satisfy your request as much as possible, you need to write exactly what you want to see. Write more relevant information to be displayed. If you don't know what you want for sure, then it may take some time, because then you will need to try several times to get the desired result. Pictures may not be the best, detailing will not always be perfect, as this is not the work of an artist. Therefore, people sometimes use neural networks for other purposes, they are simply inspired by the picture created by artificial intelligence, and the picture itself is created manually. This is the benefit of artists; they can work out everything to the ideal, depending on the desire of the client. The fantasy of a person cannot be compared with the fantasy of artificial intelligence, because a person invents bizarre forms and true individuality.

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